Progress so far

Just wanted to share my progress and compare it against fellow AFers. Started preparing in the first week of September with FRA and have covered everything upto Intercorporate Investments. We’ve 8 more months before the exam and i’ve 9 subjects that i’ve not even touched yet. This comes around less than a month for each subject and i’m not very comfortable with that. I really go at snail’s pace trying to cover everything in the first go which may not be a very good exam strategy but i just cant help it. On the upside, i’m using Schweser’s and Irfanullah’s videos together. Some topics are better covered by Schweser while the others are by Irfanullah, so i’m enjoying the best of both.

Whats your progress so far??

Good start Jehanzaib. Wish I had the same drive as you. I’m feeling really flat, like I need more time to recharge my batteries after L1. I’ve been carrying L2 material in a bag to work every day for the last month but can’t seem to get started. Just keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow…

I think the hardest for me is starting from scratch again after putting in so much work for L1. Also, the QM material seems pretty brutal to me, it’s not stuff you can just read on the bus on the way to work like the stuff for L1.

Which year Schweser material are you using? I got my hands on 2010 material off ebay but noticed some of the material is different.

Anybody else feeling like I am or better yet able to give me an inspirational pep talk?

i dont consider this a good start, far from it, i’m fearing about the lost time. But this is only because i take things in really slowly and i wonder if anyone can go as slow.

I am using schweser’s material from last year

I’ve purchased the Schweser Notes for 2013 and already have all the CFAI curriculum (which is where I plan to start). I have set a start date of November 1 and I’m usually quite disciplined when it comes to setting deadlines. Even starting then (seven months out) concerns me as its far earlier than I started for L1. I understand that the breadth is comparable but the difficulty is substantially greater than L1, but I feel I might find it difficult to stay motivated, much less retain all the information I’m studying in Sept/Oct(/even November), if I start any earlier.

I have a solid schedule planned out that has me completing a SS/week (with a three week buffer) in time to use April and May strictly for review.


Do you have a full time job? If so then i would say that a SS/week is a very ambitious target atleast as far as I am concerned, anyway. My job requires me to give atleast 12 hours per day in office and often more and then there is a small matter of driving some 30 km back home, and that too through a crowded city. This means I’ve to study late in to the night often depriving myself some much needed sleep.

Besides, has anyone here tried their hands with Finquiz?? How does it compares/contrasts with Schweser’s Qbank? which one is better??

I think you have a good start as well. I’m starting from the beginning of the curriculum and have gone through ethics and about halfway through quant, which i think will take me the longest. Like someone else mentioned, it’s not exactly light reading material that you can do on your commute. My schedule has me going through a topic about every week and a half, leaving room for breaks/review time. I plan on being through the whole curriculum with about 8-10 weeks left to go for intense review, practice problems, mock exams, etc.

One thing i learned in level 1, don’t get hung up on one topic that you are having trouble with at the expense of losing time on other topics. It will de-motivate you being stuck in the mud. Go on to other stuff, and come back to it later on.

has anyone here tried finquiz AND schweser’s qbank?? how do they both compare??

its all along a good start. but having said that FRA is also one of hardest area of Curric. So by the time gradually FRA will finsish, there will be an automatic accelatation. The Key is Consistency here…

i finishd Ethics, CF & FRA from Schewser 2011. Received CFAI Curric on last week of Sept., and now started with CFAI Equity and planed to finish Equity by mid of Nov… at the moment done with first 2 study sessions of Equity without EOCs.

i finishd Ethics, CF & FRA from Schewser 2011. Received CFAI Curric on last week of Sept., and now started with CFAI Equity and planed to finish Equity by mid of Nov… at the moment done with first 2 study sessions of Equity without EOCs.

Almost done with CF from Elan notes. Next is FRA.

Whats Progress so far ? i am still busy with equity and could’t able to finish. really going at snail’s pace in the last study session, and Planed to finsish by end of this month.

I’ve done first study session of corporate finance and am almost done with first study session of derivatives.

I’m using 2010 Schweser notes (until 2013 become available) and have picked these topics because LOSs were the same as 2013 material.

I’ll probably try to tackle one of the big boys (FRA & Equity) after I finish up corp finance and derivs.

I finished Ethics, Econ, QM and on half of FRA. All from CFAI books, but when i receive Schweser i would have probably finished FRA, i will do the rest from schweser.

Respect Hamada! You’re ploughing through the material.

How are you finding FRA compared to L1? Is it just more shit, just different, or is it much harder? And what about Econ? I’ve seen QM, so you don’t need to comment on that one, much harder!

FRA dint start so bad with inventories and long lived assets because it was just going a little deeper than L1, but still harder. Intercorporate investments were pretty confusing with a lot of concepts but also nothing from another planet, will probably undestand it better when i come back to review and practice. And then came Pensions. I had heard such horrible stories about it, so i decided to watch the arifirfanullah on Pensions since he said they were free on his websites and i still dint have the ELAN ones, and then read the material. This strategy made pensions seems more easy going but still with so many concepts that it becomes overwhelming. Overall FRA isnt the demon that everyone talks about, but it requires a lot of time to be spent on it. It has definitely more material to learn per sentence.

Hamada, is it wise to think for Schewser at this stage specially for topics likes of Equity ? i really recommend you to continue with same strategy of following CFAI, atleast for FRA & Equity INMHO. In my case i am really enjoying from CFAI, specially EOC’s.

Hunzai, im switching to Schweser after FRA, because i cant take the CFAI anymore. I will still do the EOC questions and comeback when i get stuck, but i just cant take all the verbose it throws at you just to explain something so simple. Im going to have to re-read at least ECON from schweser because i felt i barely retained anything from the CFAI books.

Trying to keep up with Hamada, but it is tough. Finished Ethics, Quant, and wrapping up Econ in the next few days, then starting FRA.

Still stuck with FRA … i started my prep with FRA :frowning: … v slow progress i guess. Specially when compared to Hamada’s