I’m just finishing up book one now in its entirety (every reading/every exaple/every question). moving on ot econ whjich i’ll blast through in 10 days which will put me right at sept 1 for starting FSA. how is everyone else doing

Econ takes more than 10 days my friend.

Finished FSA, Ethics, Corporate Finance and Portfolio Management. Halfway through Quant and yet to start Econ, Equity/Derivatives/Fixed Income.

finished reading econ. halfway through FSA. hoping to finish all readings by mid october, which gives me month and a half to do review and mock exams.

I should finish quant by tomorrow and then move on to economics. I made a sheet with the standards for eithics and I study that daily so I am hoping for a very high score there to make up for other sections that I don’t spend enough time on.

well econ cant take more than 10 days because i need to be in FSA by sept 1. I’m on a two texts per month schedule so that i can have all of november to review, review, review. I study about 4 hours a day so i think 40hrs is enough time to work through a text. If i did 500 pages for ethics/quant in 16 days, i think i can do 300 in 10.

escioffi Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Econ takes more than 10 days my friend. not at 4 hours a day of studying, my friend.

Well best of luck, keep your progress posted.

i will. thanks.

finished Quants, Econ and FSA. I’m in the middle of equity, which I plan to finish by month end.

finished Quant, Econ, partial FSA - working on SS 9.

Finished Quant, FSA, and should complete Econ this weekend.

Did you do questions on the Q Bank as well?

Finished ethics, quant and econ. I’ve done all of the concept checker questions at the end of the Schweser books, and all of the study session questions in the Q bank. In addition, I take a 50 question quiz every day, just to make sure all of the information doesn’t run out of my head. Tomorrow, FSA.

eco, ethics and fsa left

whew, you guys going too fast! anyway ive done accounting before too in my undergrad i started with FSA and will get done with it by this weekend!

I liked this idea of taking quiz to keep things fresh.

Finished FSA, ethics, and quant (just finished quant last night). I’m starting Assets tonight. I’m holding off on econ until September.

I am on quant…now I am 100% confident that I am going to fail…

december 2008, i like the confidence, even i feel that way sometimes , but giving up is no way forward . keep fighting