Pull ups at home

My wife is over in VA,looking for ideal houses.Call me a freak but one of the factors in my decision about the homes available is where I am gonna do pull ups.Door pull ups are out of the question wrecking your form and the door frame in the long run.The options left are:

  1. Joist pull ups(The best for me providing enough height,I dont know how durable they are though and they do need a drill)
  2. Pull up stations(They are not high enough,you cannot attach a TRX to it easily if you want to make the best use of a TRX,they are not high enough)
  3. Wall pullps (pretty much the same althogh I think a concrete/brick wall is far sturdier than a joist )

Any help is appreciated

Be sure to shave your arms and torso first so your hair doesn’t feed off your muscles.

Google ‘Stud Bar Pull Up Bar.’ You can hang it from the ceiling joists in your garage or basement (if you have the ceiling height). I have one in my garage, works fantastic for several years now. They have diferrent sizes for different ceiling heights. Great investment.

^According to indian bodybuilding standards you wanna turn me into chicken legs

Go to a gym. Lots of options for pull-ups (*). You can’t buy all the equipment they have.

(*) In Southern California gyms that I work out in, anyway. But I doubt VA will be different.

Buy a post-hole digger, some 4x4’s (about 9 feet long), a steel bar (about 4 feet long), and some bags of cement. Make your own.

(bonus - you might burn calories while digging the holes)

All I need:

  1. Deadlifting Equipment
  2. Kettlebells
  3. Pull up bar
  4. TRX

I will join a BJJ gym though.

@Turd ferg

Looks cool and sturdy ,I am assuming all you need is a drill,yeah ?

Pretty much, but if your joists are hidden by sheetrock be very careful to make sure you actually catch them with the screws or you may end up on one of those youtube ‘epic crossfit fail’ videos.

^I may just shave my lats and save the trouble of doing pull ups

pic or didnt happen


I use a power rack. http://stronglifts.com/5x5/#Power_Rack

^Dont you have to screw it to the floor ? I used to have a rack but it shaked so bad when I did pull ups I quit doing pull ups

No, don’t have to screw it down. I use a power rack similar to this onethat I bought from someone on Craigslist. Straight up and down, like Greenman described how the Marines do it. No swinging = no shaking on with this power rack.

If its beyond a certain height 85 inches I think its better if you screw it down.I am looking for anything above 90 inches.

Yes, you can wear them at home, but brand is the name of the game here. I’ve heard good things about Huggies.

I like how they included the token shirtless muscle guy in that picture.

Just do crossfit, bro. Kidding - don’t be a clown, go to a gym and get dez gainzzz

Having a toddler, I thought this would be about diapers.

Why not get something like this?


What’s the benefit of this whole square structure?