"Push to Gauge Bang for Buck from College Gains Steam"

“Sens. Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) and Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) are expected to reintroduce this week legislation that would require states to make more accessible the average salaries of colleges’ graduates. The figures could help prospective students compare salaries by college and major to assess the best return on their investment.”


Which one of you wrote to Congress?

I did recently write my congressman but not about this. I have bigger issues at the moment, like how to promote more competition in the cable industry. God damn Time Warner cable…

Bravo STL… Time Warner has exploited me for quite some time

STL, what’s your take on anti-trust legislation? That doesn’t seem to jibe with your libertarian vibe.

On another note, there sure is a lot of Marco Rubio in the news lately. The Republicans are even having him give the State of Union rebuttal (it seems weird that they need to rebutt a speech, but whatever). Looks like they might actually be serious about Rubio for 2016.

Their days are numbered and you’ll get your payback soon enough. Nielsen reports have shown a decline in traditional TV viewing for the past few years. Cable is going the route of hard-line phones.

I just have internet and apple tv, then I have an $8 /month Hulu Plus subscription. Saves me a crap ton of money on TV bills. Sucks for sports though, I don’t get sports so if there’s a big game I just go to a friends house or a bar. In the end, I get the shows I want, save a ton of money, socialize more instead of sitting in and watching a game and it minimizes time wasted just sitting in front of the TV mindlessly watching “whatever’s on”.

The only thing keeping me paying for cable is that you can’t get news shows on Netflix, and Hulu isn’t in canada/doesn’t have BNN. The moment I can stream BNN through a smart tv or over the internet is the moment I quit buying cable.

That leads to the related question of monopoly of internet service providers. For instance, in my area, Comcast is the only cable internet company. You can sign up with some independent company, but you have to pay to get a satellite dish installed.

Competition is the key to capitalism.

If a certain company has a monopoly I’d like to figure out why and find ways to promote more competition through means other than regulation (i.e. forcing them to break up). Punishing a company for becoming too successful really doesn’t jibe with me. In most instances though, I’ve found regulations actually promote monopolies (Time Warner for example).

In the rare case that a monopoly has formed organically and there really doesn’t seem to be any way to promote competition, I’d be open to suggestions. It’d be a hard sell though.

Edit: I could throw an aerobie to a Google Fiber neighborhood. My house missed the initial Fiber-zones by a couple blocks. Hopefully I’ll get it if/when they roll out some more neighborhoods.

I’m not sure if nominal salaries captures anything. Percentile ranked salaries would be more useful to me – I think that’d be a better way to try to catch the intangibles, such as improved critical thinking. But I still think it’d be a flawed metric – my tiny school’s education isn’t related to the large state school’s education of my buddies. I’m willing to pay a premium for that enhanced mental training, although it may not produce much alpha in salary (who knows, maybe?)

I have Fios and it is incredibly fast…I think it was at 52 mbps last night.


Cable is outrageous. Im rocking mlb.tv, netflix and utorrent until those b@stards become more reasonable. Google will save us and pass the cost along to the advertisers soon enough!


Interesting to see that people have cut their cable (TV) lines here. I bet it’s even worse for the early 20s crowd. The satellite providers are in trouble IMHO.

I scan newsmap.jp a few times a day and then ignore the news. Televised news is just dumbed down bobbleheads arguing irrelevant angles with innacurate bullet points for ratings. Plus the topics are repetitive and covered ad nauseum. Do yourself a favor and ditch the news channels in favor of a few hours of real life time away from the tv each day.

I cut cable yrs ago. Internet only now. My cable provider actually gives a free basic HD cable box with internet only package

From reading the posts here, you would think this was a message board for social workers where the average salary is 32k.

^LOL. So true. Pretty pathetic for a group averaging much higher than 32k.

I think the fact that a lot of people here travel or work more than 40 hours per week make paying for cable, at any price, not worth it. And people here actually have decent social lives too.

I cut cable it for two reasons. 1) I think freeing up $100+ a month in bills is worthwhile at any income. 2) It helps structure my life and avoid sliding into the work then zone out for hours at tv routine. Most people I know realistically waste several hours a day watching TV while I have a social life. It’s a good change to make.