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Hi everyone,

Would like your thoughts on Schweser Q Bank for level two - I have never used Q Bank before, think it might be useful for the practice questions. Is anyone using this and would you reccommend it or is there a better alternative for practice questions?

the qbank is my primary study tool. i learn more from browsing the questions and answer and then taking multiple qbank exams to cover every topic than any other other method of studying. i agree that some questions are “too easy” but it helps me learn the LOS and there are enough of the “advance” questions.

the explanations for the answers are very helpful to understand concepts and formulas. i recommend going through every question in the qbank, and every CFAI end of chapter question, and then 6+ mock exams. that is how I will pass.


And remember that the more you practise the vignette based questions, the better prepared you are. Try to practise using that as much as possible. Especially Ethics, practise only vignette based stuff.

Good luck!

I thought the qbank doesn’t have the vignette style questions?

I used Finquiz QBank and it did have vignette style questions. Dont know about schweser, I never used them!

Q bank is not very useful for L2

Perhaps it’s less useful than it is for L1, but surely it can’t hurt. I understand the need to adapt to vignette-style questions, but at the very least, QBank serves to cement concepts that I might be struggling with. I can rely on EOC questions and mocks for practice with vignettes, no?

It definitely doesnt hurt, Obviously! But my suggestion would be to not take too much confidence from answering the Qbank stuff (Like I did initially), if you do get over confident then it can definitely hurt.

My point is get used to vignette style as early as possible and the best way is to work on them from the initial practise itself, why wait till mocks to get used to the style?

Hi guys,

Appreciate your feedback. I agree that vignette style questiosn would be better…

Sooraj, what did you think of finquiz q bank?

Anyone else using any other service providers for practice questions and mocks?


In short I like finquiz and ordered them for Level 3 as well, but to know some areas where they suck - please read the above the thread.

I used examsuccess.ca as well, but just not worth the money at all.

Thanks Sooraj!