Questions left blank...

How many questions did you leave blank? Assuming you collected points on the ones you answered, you can afford to leave a few blank.

I left around 25-30 points blank in AM…that’s 17% gone. The remainder…depends on how they mark me.

I left 8 points.

I left also like 8 or 10 points


3, i think it was the tiniest subsection in AM. Essentially equivalent to getting one multiple choice wrong. Oh well.

Everyone keeps mentioning these subsections and I am not so sure what you all are implying by that term. Do you simply mean, for example, question 1, part A, “subsection” ii or iii?


I mean Q1 and subsection part A.

Got it. Thanks. Was not sure how deep subsection was relative to being the letter A B C or the ii iii

0 Blank. I did forget one formula on an 8 point question. The final calculation. Got everything else and the explanation, so we will see how that goes.

I left one probable 2 point sub-question blank due to drawing a blank and left another 3 pointer half-answered. Felt much more depressing at the time, but now that i write it out, doesn’t seem all that bad compared to what i’ve seen across the board.

Left zero, but about 15 marks i had brain freeze, so just wrote anything sensible about the topic.

made a tactical decision to skip 2 subsection for 9 pts.

the last 3 questions. very sad

Left 0, but there was 1 large question that I couldn’t understand and just wrote some stuff down. :frowning:

7 points, and it pissed the hell out of me, given my whole strategy and goal was answering every question. But unfortunately when the lights are on and it’s the real deal, things don’t always follow as planned, and randomness creeps in. Oh well, less than 4% of the AM total - hopefully doesn’t have a material effect.

No blanks on the AM, but probably 15-20 points worth of pure guessing

more important are the questions you take your time to answer cross your t’s- dot your i’s (and get wrong! Lol

I think I scored 80%+ (on 50%), 60% (on 30%), and zero (on 20%)…

that’s about 60% total in AM