Quick Poll, what are you writing with in AM

LOL. you will get marks for creativity!

Pencil. I have realized through taking practice exams that I make way too many mistakes to use a pen.

Crayon, fuchsia, non toxic. Plan on highlighting answers with a smiley face wink. Going to use regular pen, don’t feel the risk of using frixion pen is worth it.

Blue pen is easier to see when you’re going through a fact pattern, so I’ll be sporting a blue pen and at least 12 pencils - you know, just in case

No one writing in blood this year?

Quill pen. I prefer turkey feather.

serious question - I guess whiteout or correction fluid or whatever it’s called in your country is not allowed?

Don’t think so.

not allowed. highlighters not allowed either.

I was gonna use red pen (it’s been my goto color for the past few weeks doing exams) until I just saw that you need to use blue or black ink. In that case, I’m gonna go get some pastel blue pens - I haven’t used pencils since they made us in grade school (besides taking scantron tests). I hate pencils.

Is it allowed to use PENCIL for CFA L3 Morning exam??? As CFA website asks to use “Use blue or black ink”.

I didnt think you could. Others think you can. I wouldnt risk it.

Let’s see, I am considering 3 alternative: #1: Pelikan M710 toledo fountain pen: smooth writing probably inspire me to write well on the IPS. #2: Graf von Faber platinum ballpoint, non-nonsense, no worry. Great heft, nice feel in hand. Then there’s #3, Pelikan D410 mechanical pencil, nice to be able to erase if I screw up seriously. Humm… which one? which one? Maybe I should take all three just to be on the safe side. Oh, BTW: I intend to use Graf von Faber Perfect Pencil for the afternoon session, for those who are pen geeks.

MMGWK Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Blue pen is easier to see when you’re going > through a fact pattern, so I’ll be sporting a blue > pen and at least 12 pencils - you know, just in > case Are you Asian? Noticed at the L 1 & II exams in Chicago that Asians tend to have a lot of extra pencils.

I’m hoping to pick up a few extra marks by using a paintbrush and palette for the morning paper and charcoal for the afternoon paper - I wouldn’t want to make this thing any easier.

I know this has been cleared up before, but for my own sanity (and because Jay is making me mental with his comments!) I emailed CFA and here was the response: Dear Mr. _____, Thank you for contacting us. We prefer that you write your answers to the constructed response questions in ink; however, the graders will certainly grade any answers you write in pencil. Writing in pencil will not affect your exam grade. I hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions. Warmest Regards Amelia Tse | Candidate and Member Services Representative | CFA Institute | Suite 4905, One Exchange Square | 8 Connaught Place | Central, Hong Kong SAR | +852 2868-2700 main | www.cfainstitute.org _____________________ I would also add the McLeod used pencil and well, he’s McLeod!

So pencil is better to use. Are you and all using pencil then? Thanks S

Last year they said you couldn’t use pencil on the first half (I didn’t bring a pen and had to borrow one). This year I picked up erasable pens.

I went with blue pen (regular, non-erasable) last year, and it worked well for me. Good luck all Level 3 candidates!

Why are people who passed level III last year lurking around on AF? Do you really have nothing better to do than peer into everyone else’s misery? I appreciate everyone’s support, I really do, but when I get my “pass” in August I don’t plan to ever visit this site again.