Quick Poll, what are you writing with in AM

I will use pencils for calculation involved, use pens for the rest. I don’t believe I would have time to revise my answer, if I do, I would just cross the wrong answer, hopefully it would still be readable

erasable pens are the devil for left handed people like me. i will use ink and i will mean it. no erasing necessary. there are a million things that i don’t know still and i don’t care. i’m going to pass.

banni, you are fired up. I like it. I need some of that confidence and swagger going into tomorrow.

mullrich Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Why are people who passed level III last year > lurking around on AF? Do you really have nothing > better to do than peer into everyone else’s > misery? > > I appreciate everyone’s support, I really do, but > when I get my “pass” in August I don’t plan to > ever visit this site again. what!!! are you nuts thats rthe benefit of having the charter to peer on on the candidates misery around June…me i cant wait!!! PS Mechanical 0.5 pencil for me

pimpineasy…since you put it that way…it does sound like fun.

I just went and bought some erasable pens… they suck with writing… ink is awful… i think I am going to stick with pencil on the AM

landrybj Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I went with Frixion pens (erasable gel pens). They > write way better than the old ballpoint pens and > the erase nicely. Although I got half way through > the exam before I realized that when I erased > something on one side of the page, it would erase > on the back side as well. I had a brief moment of > panic after I noticed this and had to go back > through the test book to make sure I didn’t have > blank spots on my pages. > > If I had to do it again, I’d go with pencil. That’s not true. I just tested it. It cud have been something else for u.Please tell us bout this as I thot erasable pen was the best option and I m going to use these.

I am going all PENCIL with my lucky mechanical pencil that I have had for over 10 years through out university and all my industry exams…I really need the luck so hope I can make up the lack of studying with lots of luck…