Quick Qs on FRM

Hello! I am aware that there is a FRM forum here but it is pretty much dead most of the time so I thought i would ask some questions here…please help out ! thanks

  1. Can I take part 1 in may or is it exclusively examined in november?

  2. Does the FRM have LOS and EOC/blue box worked examples in the official materials like CFAI?

3.How does FRM part 1 compare to CFA L1/L2 in terms of amount of preparation time?

Thanks all!

I never took any FRM exam, but I am pretty sure you can take part 1 in May or Nov. You may use Google Books to have a look at the textbook:

Financial Risk Manager Handbook + Test Bank: FRM Part I /, Part 2 By Philippe Jorion, GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals)

thanks eddie…will look into it…if they offer it in may i may end up taking it.

hey eddie, does the book you linked me to cover both part1+2 or only part1? some links of the same book have part1/part2 on its book cover.

This one, the official textbook, covers both. http://books.google.ca/books/about/Financial_Risk_Manager_Handbook_+_Test_B.html?id=4ceVmGJSNpcC&redir_esc=y But there is a set of textbooks (should call it study guide) which can be purchased thru GARP website. This one covers part I only.

  1. part 1 and 2 can be taken on may and nov

  2. each level of frm is about 1.5x of cfa (many people feel). People usually go for bionic turtle

I wrote both last may and passed.

1.5x of cfa? you mean in terms of difficulty or volume? is it cfa l2,l3,l1 or all?

thanks and congrats on the pass.

Difficulty. 1 level of frm is 1.5x 1 level of cfa.

i remember we need to know the black scholes formula

ah ok thanks…what about study materials… am i understanding this correclty we have 3 options:

1.GARP which does not have answers to EOC questions

2.Handbook by Jorion which apparently is crap

3.3rd party materials like BT that has study materials,questions and answers worked out


Is the official GARP text book really that lacking in worked out questions?


I not sure about this.

I used bt and Schweser. I at first paid for bt and realized it is a supplement for bt video lecture. So in the end I end up using SchweserSchweser

Passed FRM with Schweser alone in 2009 when the two levels were combined in one big exam

so…nobody used the GARP material at all? lols

Heard a lot of negative comments about GARP material.

So GARP seems to be a no go, BT study materials are subpar but practice questions are superb, Schweser study materials are a tad better but sample questions are too easy compared to the real exam…damn which one is optimal?

BT cheapest package is 249 while Schweser is 399?

I feel schweser question are just nice and BT questions are too tough (I do not know how to do most of them).

In the end, I got all >75% in both exam using schweser

thx maisatomai, how many hours approx did you need to do part 1?

about 200hrs.

The problem with FRM is that they like to test on very specific details (as opposed to the big picture). For example, a ruling may have 10 objectives. They may simply ask you about one of the 10 objective.


Are you going to do FRM, Alladin? Good luck mate!

i don’t know yet…it is quite expensive…may not be able / willing to afford it…so probably not…but it doesn’t hurt to get some info!