Raging B

You’re sitting at your desk and your mind starts to wander. Next thing you know u got this giant raging Boner. I know it’s happened to all of you. What do u do? U know u have to stand up in about 2 minutes.

Hands in pockets does a pretty good job of hiding it. Unless you’re wearing tight pants.

Puts it between belt and stomach and hopes it dies from being upside down.

My wife had no idea guys did this until we saw Superbad. It’s funny how much women don’t know about our junk.

Will try that next time. Hopefully it’ll reach the belt.

Took me a while to understand what you guys are talking about…

… and now i wish i didn’t understand! (-_-")

Tuck up man. The belt will constrain your girth.

depending on the meeting I used to think about boring stuff and let it get to anoint halfie status. Then I’d bulge out my khakis for the ladies, bad style.

I just wear tight chonies that keep it in place. Doesn’t really help hide the problem, though.

Didn’t you ever pop wood in gym class? This is sop by 8th grade in co-Ed schools.

Geez, this is like 8th grade all over again.

I gotta find a better forum…

LMAO…If it cant reach your belt, I’m sure no one will notice.

Flex your hamstring or bicep as hard as you can. You’re body will re route the blood away from your penor into the muscle.

Like 2 weeks into no fap I started getting boners at work

One of those rare times I am happy I am not a man.

^ Rare? Please elaborate.

Guys have it much easier in life

This is the pecking order:

  • Hot women (9s and 10s)

  • Successful good looking guys

  • Successful average/below average looking guys

  • Good looking women (7s and 8s)

  • Unsuccessful Good looking guys (“musicians”, bartenders, etc)

  • Shy good looking guys

  • Unattractive women (6s and lower)

  • Unattractive guys (6s and lower)

  • Shy, unattractive guys

Your comment makes it obvious you aren’t in the first category of this list. I figured it out when you started posting here often as 9s and 10s never post on message boards. You still have it better than most people in society if you are a 7 or 8.

Easyness of life scale:

Hot chicks > average chicks > guys on no fap > male fappers > retarded people > ugly chicks

You got it all figured out:)

If it makes you feel any better, you have it better than 80% of the guys out there. So watch what you wish for.