rahul roy banned

[original post removed]

He got what he wanted.

Hallelujah! Now we must remain vigilant for the duplicant accounts.

I’m tired.

That took way longer than it should have.

It was long overdue

bchad shines again yes

How do you guys know who got banned?


Numi, back with the ban! Boom headshot.

Yes it was very overdue.

Well, you were basically Legoas in the Battle for Water Cooler

He was banned for vulgar things posted, not because the group pressured the mods for it.

Is that like saying Al Capone was prosecuted for tax evasion?

Ok anyway, that’s great. Now we can get back to normal business.

Oh, Oh, Oh, can I be Pippin?

Quote of the Day right there.

Can you please let us think we muscled you into doing it by carrying many pitchforks!

Rahul Roy sleeps with the fishes

I expect you to start posting good stuff now that he’s gone.

We already knew that though