Rare moment

In what can only be described as a black swan event, Itera replies to somebody nicely and cordially, and the dude totally gets irate and blasts him for it. Check it out.


Anybody who uses the word “paternalistic” in a sentence is an automatic pussy.

lol i’m already laughing at my desk over the first few posts, will have to read the rest later.

That’s one of the wittier responses I’ve seen from Greenman…well played.

I didn’t read that thread since replying, but just scanned it now. That dude is pretty messed up. Or he’s totally Trolling all yall and having a big laugh behind his keyboard

I’ve noticed that itera has warmed up a bit in recent weeks to newbies, though has lobbed a few extra attacks at me while he’s at it. I support the former; I find the latter annoying, but find the trade balance an overall improvement on things.

i think he did a lot of self evaluation and meditation after this thread


or he just being nice

^ Ha. I dismissed that thread like a daily evacuating of bowels


Great thread Greenman, thanks for calling it our attention. I needed it today.

^ Don’t dismiss the daily evacuation of bowels. It’s very important for your long-term health.

Thats an awesome reply Greenman, loved it :slight_smile: Never did I imagine that harmless thread could actually become the laugh riot it became in the end! Had a good laugh about it.

And Itera was completely honest in his answer - I mean what else could be an answer to the question that OP posted?

AF should start a hall of fame for threads and make that thread one of the first inductees.

^ AF is allergic to Hall of Fames.

Just looked at that other thread. Amazing how thin-skinned some people are. And they want to work in finance? HA good luck

Igor, funny pic, but why does it feature Tim Curry?

Dude we’ve all noticed you’ve gotten soft lately. You actually tried to comfort Greenman in that one thread. Until the “Top Ranked Business School” thread, I thought you took up yoga or something.