RC: didn't finish AM or had to rush to finish last questions

Curious to know if this happened to many other test takers?

Yes. Cfai never seizes to amaze us with their trickery

Left 3 on the table. Totally devastated.

3 whole ones? 3 sight unseen? Were all parts of the other ones answered?

I left major parts of quite a few… I think it’ll kill me…

I answered all questions and had at least some idea… hopefully AM will save me as I’m expecting my PM to be a bust.

got through them all. Skipped a couple that I knew would take time and then came back to them after working through the rest. Finished the last question with all of 1 minute left; I had been averaging about 30 minutes left for the prior years cfa am exams that I did in prep for this year; so I was moving through the paper slower than any of the other prior years’ papers.

I was very tight on time, too. I got through everything, but passed over a few sub-questions where I wasn’t confident.

Same feeling with me blackomen! Absolutely same feeling…

I didn’t know the time was very tight. I left the last 3 questions totally blank and so I estimated I would probably get around 60% mark for the whole exam. In your view, do you think there’s a good chance of passing with 60%? Also do you know if there’s any minimum passing score requirement for L3?

Also have you ever encountered any case where candidates couldn’t finish some questions yet still managed to pass?

i’m also very devastated T.T

My friend failed 5 am sections, killed pm - passed

@hotdawg - when you say “failed”, do you mean <50%?

as in 5 questions totally blank or just didn’t know how to do them? because that’s a big difference… 5 questions blank is like 25% of the whole score already…

Last year I didnt know 2 questions completely in AM and was a band 10 fail. So definitely possible, if I had got >70 in ethics last year, I wouldnt have had to write the exam this year :slight_smile:

So bad AM + Good PM can be a pass…

under 50 in 5 sections 50 to 70 rest of them in th AM

pm most above 70

Left 1 full Q … and 2-3 other subparts … overall left around 30 marks or so … At my center almost everyone left something or the other (due to lack f time and not coz of not knowing the stuff) … the sentiment is not the same on AF …

PM was FULL of tricks … i did relatively well on the AM … but the PM man i thought i was sure of 30, 1 hour later after i got home, i deduced that i got 10 wrong out of the 30 i was sure of… man this pisses me off.

Chill mate, lets hope for the best.

Probably far too many candidates fell for it too… I dont even know if there were too many tricks, so you are better off than me :slight_smile:

googlw i left around 20 marks

how was PM full of tricks?

i didnt feel like it was exactly tricky…it felt very very straightforward…

exactly my point, i found it tricky, maybe you paid attention to the tricks which i “perceived” as tricky.