Recession baby

Mortgage rates are back to where they were in August – this ain’t going to move anything that much. There’s no boom coming from a short-term fluctuation in the 10Y treasury.

Also buying vix options is a good way to triple your 20 dollars and then lose it all over the next week, although I’m guessing you’ll have a bit of fun doing it.

Yeah, I hear the same thing about trading FX. But truth is, I’ve just doubled my account again in the last two and a half weeks. So, you’ll have to excuse me while I pay all my bills with money I made while I was asleep.

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anyone else buying?

Apogies, I didn’t realize I was dealing with Mr. Dalio’s alt account. Carry on.

Why is everyone yelling to buy the dip? the sp500 is at the same level as it was 3 weeks ago.

Picked up a very small amount of spx before the close, basically the equivalent of throwing a jab while getting pummeled with baseball bats

Unless this amount can buy you porsche, dont even mention it on AF

“Why is everyone yelling to buy the dip? the sp500 is at the same level as it was 3 weeks ago.”

Because it is possible just a short term dip. Risk appetite declined in uncertainty; the market value of equities is repressed. So, if you believe that market will return to normal volatility conditions soon, there will be a better than average stock price recovery.

im curious. are you guys getting more lets buy the dip. i am hearing more lets move money to cash.

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Is this time the real Mc’coy? I am not sure. But, what I am sure of, is that, I would be liquidating every asset I’ve ever owned and be buying the currency of any country that runs a current account surplus (Japan).

I likely underestimated, going to trim a few positions I have that haven’t gone down as much, shore up some weaker positions with some of it, allocate the rest next month.

Got to stick to buying undervalued securities as they arise and sell when they’re overvalued. I definitely got lazy on selling and paying for it now, along with many others.

yep. im hoping to drop 10k on an airline soon. if u guys had to buy an airline which 1?

No joke, I’ve been buying small increments of 2x long ETFs. I’m using my own money to prove ohai wrong. Five years from now, I will have lost my money, but won the war.

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Ended up not selling after looking at the cash position, shored up an old axp position. Get rich or die trying.

Will do a deeper dive on those that have gone up, don’t want to take the tax hit if I don’t have to.

Do you have any losses you could realize to offset the gains? I’m only saying that because the opportunity you most likely have in front of you to decimate your cost basis is YUGE.

Also, please make this the official recession 2020 thread from now on. Thank you.

Agreed – we haven’t seen prices like these since early December!

We should take great comfort that President Trump is in charge.

Biggest one day loss ever!

The man keeps on breaking records

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Not his fault but he will fix it, believe me

With that said, look forward to dinner tonight

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