Recommend me a new hobby

“What do you like to do for fun?” That’s the question I get asked a ton on dates and I don’t really have a good answer. Used to like to race but can’t really do that anymore. I’ve been to museums, parks, bars, etc it’s cool if i go with someone else. dating is even getting boring “I love to travel, drink wine, and try new restaurants” yeah… you and every girl in the city.

Anyways, outside of work, besides hustling and looking for cheap securities to buy, in 2018, I’m going to do something new. Recommendations please!

Non-bsd hobbies, no yachting, horology, collecting art or anything like that!


Learn to play a musical instrument. Good for the brain, good for the social life. Possibly even good professionally. $200 buys you a decent starter guitar. Or a keyboard.


See you at Pochinki

I recommend surfing. It’s pretty tough to learn, you will get battered about for a while, your arms will feel like they’re going to fall off but the sense of achievement when you learn how to pick a wave and pop up correctly is pretty sweet. It’s also nice to be outside and in the ocean.

Hobbies? What are those? NYC lifestyle - work most of the time, then crossfit until you can’t move. Otherwise, spend what is left of your money after rent on expensive restaurants.

Man if you’re not even passing the “what do you like to do outside of work” question I can’t imagine your dates’ reactions when they find out you’re a Trump supporter.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Thoughts… tennis, I actually took a tennis class in college, did okay so will consider. I like music but I’m pretty bad, was always last chair in band and dropped after a semester or year, can’t remember. Don’t really want to do gaming because I already stare at multiple monitors all day. Can’t surf, can’t even swim. Don’t know about CrossFit but maybe should do something to get in better shape. I have spent a lot on restaurants lately, will drop $80-150 on dinner for 2 pretty regularly. Had some broad who wanted BSD, 3 Michelin Star treatment, dropped her real quick.

I usually say, I’m into motor racing and once I’m settled, will get back into it. Or ask first and mirror their interests but not too closely.

Trump has come up with a couple girls… if they say something negative about him, I will NOT go along with it. One girl, happened to be a portfolio manager at a really well known fund… her and I got into a 45 min debate about how there is no one better suited to be president than Trump. Asked her out on a second date (she was actually really nice) and she said we had irreconcilable differences haha

i was thinking of taking a photography class cuz my cousin is joining 1. i was just planning to holler at chicks really.

Not trying to be a dick, but you should consider thoughtful ways to get around this. With only 64,000 people on the island of Manhattan voting for Trump (and I assume a small fraction of those are dating age women) the political issue will rear it’s ugly head sooner or later if you just use standard dating services. I presume there are dating websites/apps geared toward right wing or left wing individuals to avoid these issues.

kayaking is fun too. or wild swimming, that’s a cool thing to do.

Get a library card, cancel cable.

You need to unwash that brain and fast.

That’s good advice, thought there would be much more support in his home town!

I actually just got a library card the other week. I used to read a lot… like 2-3 a week, before i work in finance. Trying to do a book every 1-2 weeks now.

start a superPAC

stop looking for hobbies to make you appear more interesting to women. look for something you enjoy and then develop it. the girl either appreciates it or puts up with it bc you make bank.

recently became an obnoxious cycling bro and it is liberating.

“you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain”

my close friends shit on me for it, so i’ve began to embrace it… but I don’t mention to people I don’t know. Its not a main hobby, but a side hobby to keep me engaged.

some to consider - traveling, knicks basketball, boxing, lifting, sports, betting, coaching little league, strip clubs, cooking, hiking, surfing, hunting, whiskey, wine, golf

Do hobbies really matter in NY dating? What is important is that people share some common ground and that you are conducive to the other party’s life goals. I doubt that whatever lady professional you hook up with here has time to do basket weaving on the side, anyway; she won’t relate to your life of forced leisure. If you are genuinely passionate about something, even if it is just your career, that still works. They want numi’s baby gravy because he went to Harvard business school and wears a suit to work, not because he has a passion for scrapbooking, amiright?

youre in NY?

dude you can be slaying left and right.

download coffee meets bagel, copy nery’s dating profile, enjoy