References - Help Needed

Hey guys,

I have sent 3 references request although I only need 2 since 1 of them is already a member. Is there a way to delete 1 of the references request?

Thanks a lot

I don’t see a way. I have the same situation. There is no delete button.

Same situation here.

I think you can’t delete, but you can submit the application anyway (once you get the 2 references you need).

My third reference just submitted the form. Do you guys know how much time does it take to get work experience approved? days/ weeks?

There is no need to delete. I called the institute about that last week and they just said to submit the form without deleting the third reference

^^ thanks! any idea on the time it takes to approve work experience?

I submitted mine last Friday and my ‘decision days remaining’ figure hasn’t even appeared yet… however this page offers definitions of the membership statuses: - says around 10 days!

I have included three references as well - there should be no problem. my work experience was accepted in 2 days.

just submited 5 min ago, will report back how long it takes to be approved.

I submitted yesterday. I hope mine gets approved by tomorrow morning!

I submitted my application on Thursday last week after my 2 references responded…this morning my status moved from “Work Experience Review” to “Under Review-Society”–I guess I’m lucky mine is moving quickly…

Work experience approved! Took 2.5 days; now waiting for society’s approval

Bilal when did you submit

I submitted monday morning and it was approved wednesday afternoon. However, I believe the society here will take quite a while to approve :frowning: they seem to be slow on processing those. I hope im wrong on this one.

I have heard nothing from CFAI. I hope that mine will go through soon.

Congrats Bilal

Thanks mate; good luck hope yours get approved soon.

My application has not even been touched since 15th *worried face*

I hear a lot of the local societies meet once-per-month, so don’t hold your breathe…

Hi all

Just want to check if the reference was my ex-colleague, should I put “colleague” as the relationship with applicant?

Also, if the reference was my ex-supervisor, should I put “supervisor”?