Regarding the Links.....

This happened last year and more or less, the people who saw the link to register for Level III did indeed pass while those of us that saw a link to “Register for Level II” did not. This is only anecdotal of course, but if you saw a link to register for level III, I would say you are more than likely to pass. That being said, many people see no link at all right now, as of the morning of the 18th, so they may have made corrections to the code. But if you STILL see the register to level III link, at the risk of really upsetting some people, I’d say you are a pretty good candidate for passing. Congrats.

^^^^ cosign^^^^ i unfortunately did not get the link and am mentally preparing myself for not only the fail but telling friendas and family bout it

Im sorry to say it, but I didnt get the link last year and was prepared myself, and that is how it turned out.

Already told the Family that its another no go. I feel like a piece of shit. Pretty fawking pissed at this point. I’m at work so I’ll just sit here and act like a happy piece of shit. Congrats and goodluck

i don’t think anyone sees the L III link anymore… all this will do is make me more upset if i fail tomorrow… fck. it does not make me feel any more secure. but i’m a paranoid person.

I will say though that last year, they did NOT take down the links entirely as they have done this year. Im not sure what that means, but again, last year at this time everyone could see whether it was a L2 or L3 registration link.

Last year it happened all too fast, some links werent updated

Caspian, what is the verdict for you? Did you get the chance to check?

But they never swept and took everything down as they appear to have done now.

Someone on the Level III board emailed them to complain… They could of never noticed the glitch until it was pointed out to them.,811146

Dwight, I wasnt online all weekend so I had no idea this was going on. I have nothing right now except: Profile Update Personal Profile Update Professional Profile Update Work Experience Update Education Customer Service Browse FAQs Submit a Service Request Check Status of a Service Request I never saw anything and cannot get to any screen anywhere on the site that indicates my status as a candidate in any way. Its a little frustrating of course, but Im pretty sure I failed and failed because of the two GDP questions and the PM section (which everyone had a hard time with but still).

The only silver lining is that i sawe the writing on the wall at home over the weekend which is much better that logging in on a tues morn to see that big U fail SUCKA!!! sign on my screen knowing me i would feel that the whole floor is looking at me screen so yah it sucks esp if u like me put in a lot of hard work into this and made some huge sacrfices but it is what it is …kife uis full of valleys n peaks!!! To All who got the lev 3 links my hat off to you…CONGRATS!!! to those who didnt lets all promise ourselves that we will shake it off andd give it our best shotr 2009

I agree, it’s much better to get it at home than at work…

Same thing happened to my friend who I studied with. I was talking to him yesterday afternoon and then after that I logged on to check analyst forum after not thinking about CFA all weekend. I found the link. I called him a little while later, by the time he checked the links had been taken down. Made me look like a complete @$$ haha. On a brighter note, I’m pretty confident you would have seen good news. No way to know 100% of course, but really the link was only validation for those who were pretty sure (most people who passed probably know it deep down), and encouragement/devistation for those who were borderline. Just a preview really.

I wonder if I’ll have the balls to wait until the end of the day when Im home.

good luck caspian.

Well, again, those two GDP questions (which I studied actually) are probably what are going to make me fail. I didnt make too many stupid mistakes (the only one that comes to mind was the HHI question), but I dunno. My 80%-20% theory holds and I just dont think I got enough of the 80% to pass.

What time are the scores posted tomorrow?

I am pulling for caspian.