Registering for the 2015 Exam

Does anyone know how to register for the 2015 exam purchasing only the print curriculum? I don’t want to buy the ebook. There was a way to register last year so that you didn’t have to buy the ebook. Does anyone have this link?

i dont want the ebook either, but im pretty sure its either

Ebook or Ebook/Print.

I ordered print and got an ebook email.

I didn’t see any option to deselect ebook, but print you could choose to buy or not to buy.

any solution to register with print without ebook ?

Here is last year’s discussion board. I know that this is an L2 discussion, but the registration link worked for L3 registration with print curriculum only.

^ there was a workaround last year for a couple of weeks after registration opened, but then CFAI closed the loophole.

This year it seems that there is no option but to get the e-book unlike the loophole last year.

they fixed it now fools, you cant do the workaround