Time for 2nd date, U text her and for some reason she doesn’t text back. How do u guys deal with rejection?

  • keep texting her.

  • forget about it and be sad.

  • send her a rude text.

Forget it and move on…make her chase you.

agreed with thommo.

Act like you don’t care, but spend all night on AF drinking by yourself.

Facebook find her best friend and text that person.

Tell her you love her

D1ck pic

Move on it is… just gotta stop checking my phone every 5 seconds.


Im seriously considering this but it’s gonna take some balls.

You can include the balls if you’d like, but that’s a much more difficult shot to take without help.

That sucks. Sorry to hear TJCFA. On the positive note, at least they don’t keep responding back with just enough interest, but never actually commit to a second. That’s happened before and hurts more.

Maybe she’s in a meeting? Give it some time bud. Or maybe it didn’t get through. I’d do one follow up, then move on. Shit I’m getting old, I never had to follow up on a date with a text…

Thanks brothers.

Make us proud little cubby.

hang in there OP, if not this one, there’s always another one out there for you.

say something along the lines in the text message of " B!tch, you without me is like Harold Melvin without the Blue Notes, you’ll never go platinum"



^ Gina Gershon, mmmm.

Look at the bright side. She is not stringing you along as a back up option.

This. It’s only Tuesday and it looks like we already have our post of the week!