Relationship Deal Breakers

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Must Have, no order

  1. CFA - 3/3 in 18 months with all deciles > 70%

  2. Top 2 FT MBA

  3. Father MD in PE at KKR & Mother MD in IB at GS

  4. Over 5k AF Points

And on the real yo, we’re dudes, is there such a thing as bad s3x for us!?

So the only person you’re willing to go out with is JDV?

Feel like you’re leaving far too much gray area in the parenthesis, and depending on the extent of this, that immediately vaults it into #1.

Define number 2

^Funny that you don’t ask him to define 1, 3, 4, or 5.

Not that I object, by the way.

Those are pretty self-explanatory

To answer K’s question–to me, the only way that it’s truly “bad” is when the girl shows no enthusiasm or puts any effort into it. A little enthusiasm makes up for lack of skill.

All I know is it’s always been good for me, I’m sure I’ve left her unsatisfied many times.

…so basically anything shy of rape is good

^this dude is hilarious. great addition to the board unlike hippo/atush/rr/etc

KMD, as I am unsure of the number of female sexual partners you have had, unfortunately there are some girls that lay there like a dead fish its really quite strange.

Im with CvM though, ye ole saying sex is like pizza, even when its bad its good IMO.

That being said, dealbreakers in a relationship for me would be hmmmm a girl im dating fucking her boss. Thats definately one.

Way to invert his words

No Homo.


really? that still happens? I thought that behavior went out in the 50s. Haven’t young women learned anything being raised on HBO series and Rhianna music videos?

…while we are at it… HEY GUYS, stop acting like you are auditioning for a porno in bed. It’s trite.

Some people are who they are, cant change boring people!

And also, I work very hard to maintain my 70’s pornstar persona. I figure that is at least 65% of the reason a woman would sleep with me.

^^^ this is basically i am going for, so my moves in the sack need to match that

Lack of kindness is a big dealbreaker for me.

^^^^^^ hahaaa! Oh CHAD!

ok, with him in mind, I am offiicially ready to get back to studying. thanks!

Lack of adventure, does not put any effort, does not wear anything appealing, does not (you know go down)…the list goes on… Sure guys can be bad in bed, but there are plenty of women (tend to be hotter women) who are equally as terrible.