Relevant Work-Ex

Question regarding relevant work experience -

I am working for a consulting firm for the last 5 years. My work involves helping my clients(asset management firms) adhere to applicable laws and regulations. Is my work-ex relevant?

I know a former colleague who works in consultancy and he was not able to get the required experience from his role. Obviously it depends on what type of consultancy you are doing, his being more sell-side consultancy.

Same question.

I’m working for a big 4 audit firm amd do audit mainly for financial service firms.

IMO anyone with IQ > 110 should’ve done some due diligence re: relevant work experience *BEFORE* sitting for Level III (or even Level II).


That’s not correct. I am sure most of the people(those who do not directly manage any assets) here would be doing research about their work-ex relevance after writing level 3 exam.


Not sure how you deem my use of “should’ve” as incorrect…

Anyhow if you’re fortunate enough to pass that final hump, but your work experience isn’t relevant, at least you can update that “Highlights” section in your résumé.



I agree. No idea why it matters when you research your work experience. However, I would suspect most have been curious and checked by now.

Hashtag buddy you’re starting to sound overly pessimistic and judgmental at best, if not outright antagonizing and childish to other members’ genuine queries. If life has been treating you poorly as of late, or if you’re bored and have nothing better to do, please #troll somewhere else where your “insight” is valued. Cheers.

Audit should be fine as your work product supports the investment decision making process. Audited financials are key to the integrity of capital markets, eh?

This depends on exactly what you’ve done obviously, and I’d be careful in your phrasing. Audit doesn’t seem like it’d be a slam dunk like some other professions.

You shouldnt have any problem. Just make sure you try to write effectively of how your work impacts investments world.

Consulting for what exactly? Anyone related to finance somehow shouldnt have a problem.

This CFA candidate LIII quote taken from another thread is what I was getting at in previous posts.

Not passing judgment on anyone who is trying to learn about finance or help advance their careers by taking CFA exams – but you shouldn’t be waiting until the 11th hour until you research if previous/current work experience is applicable toward earning the 3 letters.

(He already knew.)


good historian )) or simply plenty of time …or perhaps tough childhood… ))

I know numerous candidates who were graduates and interns and received their work experience approval. Interesting

I am accountant and auditor and my experience was approved. I included all complex models I prepared as part of main work.

They send requests to all referees and read responses so inform your referees about the application and remind them what and how you have done together. They can easily forget it if it was several years ago and CFA Institute is looking for consistency in responses.

If you obtain ‘no’ response, reply and explain why you think your experience relevant. It worked in my case. Some CFA Institute employees see themselves as ‘guardians’ and sometimes overplay in this role. Constructive meaningful dialog helps.

P.S. To fellow accountants: ability to comply with whatever bizarre rules and principles (and being able to explain) must be our strength. :wink:

Yes, trying to escape the memories of a tough childhood has enabled me to develop supernatural analytical skills. Can’t believe you were able to figure that out so quickly. The sad part is my mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-b!tch.

Going off on a tangent, but are you going to create the “2017 Official Results Thread” – just like you did back in 2015? Might bring you good luck this time.


s a v a g e


Hi all

as part of my work experience - i am having to submit 3 employers since my 48 months ( in fact more than 70 months) were earned at 3 firms.

Does that mean that i have to include 3 referees, each from one employer, or i can simply include 3 referees (2 from my current employer and 1 from my ex employer?)

Thanks in advance for the help!

I’d e-mail CFA Institute ( and ask them. They’ll know; we might not.