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i am taking cfa level 1 this december. i’ve been approached by a firm to be a research assistant/analyst ($250 million AUM) other than a top 10 undergrad degree and series 65 designation, my credentials are pretty slim (21 y/o). what kind of salary would be reasonable?

In this environment…food stamps would be acceptable, possibly coupons for Price Chopper

It depends on the city it’s located. Need more info…


jbisback Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > In this environment…food stamps would be > acceptable, possibly coupons for Price Chopper Food stamps AND a finance job? Some ppl have all the luck…take the job…

Rob: I am in CLT. What is your email?


Rolo_Tumassey, I wouldn’t put anything past you nor would I take stuff for granted. Go for it and try your best. It could be an opportunity. Money is going to be hard to come by so take what you can get and focus on building your knowledge. Willy


40-45k at most - entry level research assistant at a very small shop in low cost of living cities. but whatever the salary is, definitely take it and start building the experience.

Agreed, I have no idea what salary you’d expect, but take it! I would give my left arm for a research job, no matter what it paid!

Price Chopper! ahh good old upstate NY

Take it. Doesn’t matter what it is. You could drive a UPS truck for 70k, but guess what you’ll be making 30 years from now… Think of it as an investment.

I’d think Red Cigar is probably in the right range and on a side note LA Confidential is such a badass movie…

thanks for the responses.

maybe approach it like this: if they have 250MM AUM, then you can work out what kind of revenue they make (a HF does 2/20, these guys similar?) given revenue, maybe guesstimate some of the other big costs - rent, bberg, etc. till you whittle down to what they have for headcount. it takes a lot of ‘ifs, maybes, possibly’ kind of guesstimation, but you can probably get an idea of what the top guys get, and try to gauge yourself against them.

40-45K would be a good starting point. As mentioned earlier these are low cost of living cities.


50-55K. 45 is too low IMO.

21yr old research assistant, no credentials/experience, small shop of 250M…I dont see 45k or lower as too low by any means especially in this environment, I dont see any reason that it should be higher in my opinion