Result Date Emails.......

Anybody knows if we are going to get result date emails this week?

This week? No way!! Mate you would get the results may be last week of July…

not talking about result email… the one you get before result, which states the date when result is set to be released

Could be delayed depending on Turkey.

Haa… Agree with Dal. Could be delayed because of Turkey!

And Turkey were supposed to have completed last saturday, dont know what happened…

im sure pass rate in Turkey is going to shoot this year… 15 days to prepare for a known exam lol

I checked emails from last year a few days ago, from memory the email came out on the 20th of June 2012.

I just checked my e-mails. Mine came in on the 19th of June last year.

yeah… 19th june…so lets hope Turkey will not mess up with these dates

Yes. Let’s hope that the unprecedented upheaval that caused deaths, hundreds of injuries, millions in damages and almost forced some candidates to forego last year’s studying won’t mess up with Mr. Taimoorawan’s information mail. You disgust me.


panos.kollias, you got a heck lot of frustration mate

The wind of hypocrisy…

In a ‘dog eat dog’ world, it just sounds ridiculous.

Silence would have made it.

Chill out man, no need to get emotional. The crises in Turkey is a political event - completely manmade. While i share the pains of the families who might have lost their loved ones, i think those situations are entirely avoidable. If you simply stayed away from violent protests, you are less likely to get hurt.

As mean as this might sound, I will hate to have studied for a year - and then have the results of my exams put on hold because the Turkish people didn’t like their government! — These are completely unreasonable nuisances, in the midst of more justifiable causes worth sacrificing for. Dozens of kids die in Africa everyday from poverty, diseases, and natural disaster - only very few people ever stop to think about this, why weep a storm over Turkey?


Couldn’t imagine setting for L2 with tear gas and rubber bullets floating around? Erdogan should be sent a CFAI violation letter for causing this.


First off, I am Greek as it has been made clear during my participation in the forum (or my name for the more seasoned). Unless you guys are completely oblivious to history and the “traditional” relationship between Greeks and Turks at the moment (see Ottoman Empire, The Cyprus dispute etc.), you would know that I am not getting “emotional” over Turkey or could I possibly be overly zealous about defending the Turkish people. My great grandfathers have in fact suffered from their occupation so there is no “conflict of interest” here.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that the self-importance of some people in this forum is nauseating. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back and not me losing it over taimoorawan’s tactlessness. I mean, sure, you (obviously) have no clue about what is going on in Turkey – or why – but do you really need to? It doesn’t take great empathy to not be obnoxious about an effing e-mail that might be delayed due to a city on fire - no matter the cause or your opinion on it. I am a CFA candidate too you know and quite far from a tree-hugging hippie.

And, Bloodline, since your response (and my respect for you) is the only one that merits a reply, allow me to remind you that living in Britain makes it very unlikely that you have ever experienced, in your lifetime, a similar turmoil. It is all too easy to reduce things to “political and avoidable events” when your connection is through a witty Economist article. A little humility can go a long way.

By the way, it’s not OK to play the “dying African kids” card every time you choose to desensitize from an on-going issue.

^ Amen

Obviously, it is not clear to anyone on the forum that you’re Greek since you’ve chose the UK as your country. For someone who whines about the “human condition,” don’t you think it’s a bit ironic when you generalize that everyone in the world should recognize your nationality based on your nick?

Why not? I always use the tactic to pickup chicks at Starbucks by buying fancy water that supports dying African kids.

All in all, you should not let some random posts destroy your state of being, buddy. For all we know, taimoorawan had a US seal team outside his house, hunting for Al Qaida a day before the exam?