results date email

isn’t it past the time we usually get this mail?

theyd probably not do it anymore since they already published it on their website

"We will email you with specific dates and instructions about receiving your result in the coming weeks. "

i got this mail too

we should’ve received the mail by 19th july. don’t understand what’s happening

It’s given in the “” link that results informational mail shall be sent in early August.

For December 2017 Level I, they sent the email confirming the exact date about 1 week before results day. I’m expecting the same again this year - so we should hear something end of this week/early next.

at this point who cares. We know the only email that matters comes August 14th.

this bugged me a little bit too…so I actually called them…

…what they told me was that the email has not yet been distributed yet, and it will be sent out eventually…

…whatever that’s supposed to mean…so I guess they are kind of backed up.

did anybody else get an email btw?

They will send email sometime in first week of August 2018. Though everyone know the exact date of announcement of result already by now. That email will be meaningless.

I got an email to complete my survey haha.

Ok. So?

in reply to ‘boomskun’ or whatever the username is who stated: did anybody else get an email btw?

hence my reply of only an email to complete the survey

oh, so it is confirmed that the results are on 14th August, isn’t it? I haven’t logged into the CFA website since the day before the exam.

Each day I am getting more and more convinced that I won’t pass. What are your feelings?

In these last two final weeks my confidence has been eroding lol. I even think in one of these threads I bet my life on it. I was probably arrogant and cocky and well looks like I’m going to die if I fail.

I should have opted for the 8 week cryogenic freezing option this year.

You’d be the winter soldier on this forum lol.

Don’t sweat too much about it. It’s not going to be end of the world. People who fail can still apply Equity Valuation in their next role.

My expectations the results email will be disseminated today

i keep feeling i’ll definitely fail like no way i can pass an exam this big. i get nightmares too. lmao

i probably won’t check my mail on 14th. too scared to do that. i don’t even care passing with flying colors to be honest. all i need is a “pass”. gosh really scared.

I feel the same. each day… I feel anxious…although there is no point of doing this.

regardless, pass or fail, I plan on getting hammered on the day I receive my results.

Just checked my email archive - Dec 2017 Level 1 results were announced on Tues Jan 23, with the informational email being sent the Thurs prior (Jan 18).

Assuming they maintain the same schedule, we should receive an email this Thurs Aug 9 confirming the exact results date (which should be Tues Aug 14 for Levels 1&2, and Tues 8/28 for Level 3).

Pro Tip - if you haven’t already, consider switching your CFAI email address to something other than Gmail to avoid delays on results day (e.g. I use iCloud and got my L1 Results at 9:13am ET)

Good luck everyone!!