Retabulation request

So after failing band 9 I’m going to request a tabulation since it will give me closure and let me move on. Apart from losing $100, are there any negative consequences of requesting a retabulation?

Knowing that you are guaranteed to lose $100 and doing it anyway.

I’d rather buy 100 lottery tickets.


Do you think that requesting a retabulation could impact your marking next year?


I’ve heard there is code incorporated into the database-calling algorithm that auto-fails retabbers. Sneaky bunch.

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better off spending it on booze and hookers.

Don’t waste your money. I think I mentioned already that they double check grading for candidates who fall into the 50% of the middle distribution scores.

I would only do it if your scores were way off.

id rather go Asian Massage parlor for 100 bucks.

I’d agree with this - ironically most people may be tempted to go for a retabulation when they feel they were “ever so close” with a band 10 or so where as in fact it is only ever likely to result in a apositive change when there was a proper royal f@ck up with the marking that resulted in a completely incorrect “band 1” when the scantron didn’t pick up the pencil marks, or they lost a couple of pages of your AM exam etc.

Has anybody actually applied for a retabulation for L3?

I failed band 10 last year. Requested a retab, mostly for my own sanity, my matrix was decent, thought it might have only been a point or two.

Passed this year.

Yes you are giving away your cash, but to me, I needed it for closure. In hindsight maybe I could have won the lottery with that $100 as suggested, oh well…

I requested one this year on a band 10. Like the others, I’m not actually expecting anything positive from it, but it’s only $100 so whatever…why not.

Have not you guys read an example of investor irrational risk seeking behavior in level 3 material? It says that some people buy low probability high payout financial instruments, I guess it includes CFA re-tabulation.

Anybody who applied for a retabulation for L3, please tell me how long it took.

waste of money. If it makes you feel better, go ahead. But with a happy ending massage, that’ll yield more than a confirmation “yes you failed”

Much better use of $100

BTW - A CFAI rep. mentioned to me that they have a lot of retabulation requests. I wonder if this has something to do with L3 candidate getting really bad AM scores this year.

^compared to last year? 53% is the second highest pass rate in the last 6 years.