Band 10 Here. Thinking about paying $100 for a retabulation. Any thoughts or suggestions would be apprecited.

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I’d say no to the retabulation. You did well on the heavily weighted subjects but they could be just above 70%. The subjects you failed could be very low. That’s the problem with how marks are given. <50% on FI, AI and quant could be anywhere from 0 to 26 total marks you got.

The chances of having your score changed is approximately 0%! - NO ONE on this forum has ever been successful with retabulation, no matter how close the results seem.

I suspect that CFA may deliberately wish to keep things this way. Think of the floodgates of retabulation if they find that a single paper was wrongly marked and scored.

wouldn’t that be more money for them?

Don’t waste your time and money on retabulation. Many people here have paid, hoped, and still failed.

Do not waste your $$$ by reading too much into those broad ranges. Your >70 could be 71% and your <50 could be 0%. Passing examiners with a worse matrix than yours could have very high >70 (such as 100%) and borderline <50 (i.e 49%).

It’s only $100. Might as well give it a shot.

Just to reiterate what others have said, band ranges vary considerably

For topics that only have 18 points or a 5% weight <=50% could mean anywhere from 0-3 questions right 51-70% means 4 questions right and >70% means either 5 or 6 questions right out of 6

Topics with 36 points or 10% weight could mean 0-6 questions right for <=50%, 7-8 questions right for 51-70% and 9-12 / 12 questions right for >70%

Large weighted topics such as FRA and Equity which have been steady at 20% for sometime mean 0-12 questions right for <=50%, 13-16 questions right for 51-70% and from 17-24 / 24 questions right for >70%

Many people here keep referencing the 40/60/80 rule but that is a very generalized estimate and you should use more accurate figures especially if you can recall as soon as you finish taking the test and are at home.

this is not true, stop spreading this myth.

loads of other cases (like a big batch of papers) if you want to look on from 2004 or so.