Richard Ivey MBA Vs Queens MBA

Any opinions? facts?

They’re both good Canadian MBA programs. See this thread:

Would you prefer one over another? Queens offers it in Calgary. Would it be of any use or you would miss out on networking given you are off-campus?

I can’t speak for either because I only have an undergrad. But I’ve been to Western’s campus in London and it’s beautiful. Queen’s is located in Kingston, which is home to Canada’s biggest prison. I had no idea Queens has a Calgary location.

Iginla2010, are you older? Queen’s MBA in Calgary is an EMBA program. A friend of a friend went through the program and said it was pretty easy like UofC’s program–My personally opinion, I would pass on an EMBA unless you’re permanently stationed here. Here are my thoughts through research, UWO - very good alumni, best school in Canada for general management, but not the best in finance, case study method and 16-hour days crunch time Queens - good all around school, good for people in IT sector York - Best marketing school Toronto - Best finance school But at the end of the day, none of the Canadian schools cut it outside of Canada except for maybe Toronto or UWO, but then, there are probably better US schools to go to.

AliMan, you are right. I didn’t realize that Queens in Calgary is an EMBA program. So, it wouldn’t work for me. I guess that cuts Queens off the list. I’d probably go with Ivey. I have heard really good things about UWO MBA and you are correct in Canadian MBA’s don’t cut it in the States. Because they are 1 yr MBA programs I was leaning towards them. Somehow, the recruiters in my company (and competitors’) have been hiring from Ivey and Rotman latley. I would hate having to move to London though.

Iginla, have you ever been to London? The amount of hot university @ss in that city is unparrelled. I’ve also never seen girls so willing to do the work to pick up guys. Maybe you love sausage fests (you DO live in Calgary) and girls aren’t your thing… But for me, if I stay in Canada to do my MBA I would definitely go to UWO just for the potential of finding a wife there (so many hot girls, and all at least smart enough to get into a good university).

Ha ha ha. nice! Sausage fests. From your post I figured you haven’t lived in Calgary long enough to see hot @sses here. But, I can imagine what it must be like in London. If at all I decide to go there that would certainly not be one of the reasons. Thanks for the judgment though!

Yeah, if I was to stay in Canada, I’ve nailed it down to either Ivey or Rotman–with bias towards Rotman. The reason? Although my opinion is that the case study method for learning is most effective (Ivey is the biggest case study method school in North America after Harvard), ever since Ivey changed from a two-year to a one-year program there have been a couple of complaints that have surfaced: The first is that classes are generally rushed, meaning students are focused on completing projects as fast as possible rather than really absorbing material. I don’t know if it is really an issue for everyone, but that seems to be a common complaint. It’s probably not an issue for an investment banker who is used to that kind of pressure anyway :slight_smile: Another common complaint is that students who are using an MBA as a conduit to change careers have found Ivey a poor choice–there are no internship opportunities in a one-year program. So if you are looking for a career change, it might be suitable to look at a two-year program instead. All those things said, Ivey still has an incredible alumni network in Canada and is the most selective in the country in choosing applicants. They also have the Ben Graham Centre of Value Investing, which is small program, but brings in some big Canadian and US value investors to the class each year. I think they also do an annual pilgrimage to see Buffett. Since London is a small town, the students get to know each other well so the school is very conducive to networking. Rotman, on the other hand, is gaining in the rankings because of their “Integrative Learning” classes and notable professors from big name schools in the US. Rotman also has more electives than I have seen at any other Canadian school (check their website) and they are very flexible in what you choose. They value investing, trading, investment banking, private equity, non-profit electives, etc. Moreover, with the school’s close proximity to Bay Street, a lot of financial professionals visit to do lectures. However, I would imagine the students aren’t as close-knit as Ivey since Toronto is a big city and people go do their own thing after classes. Also, a friend who went there said that the second year was slack enough that he was able to work part-time, which probably means the program could be planned better.

Torontonians, pipe up, how is the general girl scene there? Snobbish? Can’t be as bad as Calgary

Yeah, you’ve pretty much summed it up. I also heard about the two complaints you’ve mentioned with Ivey. But, I still feel the Ivey alumni and the networking would make me lean towards UWO than Rotman. How soon are you planning to do your MBA? Do you mind giving me your email, maybe clear up a couple of things off-forum? thanks for your input!

Sure, djaliman at shaw period ca

Email sent.

You’re welcome for the judgement. You just said you would hate moving to London (which would indicate it’s a factor influencing your MBA decision). One of my best friends (my roommate last year) lived in Calgary for 2.5 years after moving there from London, so I have a good idea of the sausage fest going on in Calgary. He got close to 0 girls in his time there (no girl he wanted to have a relationship with either) - he got very introverted. I’ve also visited and found very little eye candy there. After moving to Toronto last year my afformentioned friend had a hot gf in two months. Don’t take offense, it just makes sense. Calgary is a boom town and men notoriously are more willing and quick to relocate for work compared to women.

Does anyone have any hard IB / trading recruiting numbers by Canadian University for the past couple of years? Rotman’s reputation for finance has vastly improved over this time-frame, just wondering if the recruiting indeed reflects it. When I was looking at schools a couple of years ago UWO was still the place to go to get into finance in Canada.

I actually found Calgary girls more fun and nice to begin talking to than some Toronto women. Alot of Toronto chicks have been hit on by the wrong dude, and have this like layer you need to break down. But in terms of actual numbers, Calgary is mad saugage fest, mad competition, and alot of the good ones are taken, or go quickly. Also alot of Calgary Investment Banking MDs are Ivey alums, it’s odd how Ivey has a very big network out in Calgary in general, though but it does exist and Ivey alums are very tight.

Ivey is pretty good if you want to go into ibank. I know someone who graduate from Ivey, and works in ibank in New York. The networks are good at Ivey. Calgary girls may or may not be more fun, but Toronto women are WAYyyy better looking. That is all.

Interesting input guys, thanks very much. Like Mr. Pink said, would be nice to get some hard numbers from recruitment. Calgary is good place for guys who like blond chicks that tan too much and wear cowboy hats. You know where’s even worse for girls? Fort McMurray–probably the worst town in the world.

Ha ha ha. Fort Mac! I can’t believe you even brought that up when we are talking about girls.

I’m honestly getting sick of girls in Toronto. They aren’t that great looking (but hey, I’m comparing to Eastern Europe, so it might not be that fair). They are also kinda snobby and want to bite off more than they can chew. There’s also a ton of Asians in Toronto, you decide if it’s your thing or not. But I’m partially to blame, I hit up the same venues over and over again, if anyone knows good spots, share the secret!