RIP Chris Cornell

Died last night after a concert in Detroit. Only 52.

UGH, just saw this. Terrible.



Was very saddened by this, been listening to Chris forever thankfully my dad introduced to them when I was pretty young and always loved his voice and he was always in some solid bands. Will be jamming to his tunes all day

Guy will always be a legend, loved him in Tommy Boy.

I’m devastated . I’ll be blasting his tunes with my windows rolled down today like I did the day Prince, Michael Jackson, Bowie and George Michael died

Very sad, he looked healthy. Louder than Love and Badmotorfinger will always be the best.

Was actually listening to Gasoline (Audioslave) this morning when I was reading this. Really sad.

Hearing it was suicide.

Which this NYT article seems to support:

It sucks. Soundgarden was a big influence to me, musically. I liked all his stuff, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave, solo, but I liked the Superunknown album best. He had an incredible near 4 octave vocal range!

I went to the opening show for the Pearl Jam 20 tour. Surprise guest star was Chris Cornell. He sang Temple of the Dog songs and Mother Love Bone songs. Stuff that hadn’t been performed in 20 years. It was amazing to witness that extremely rare performance with all of Temple of the Dog band members there. I also saw Soudngarden on their reunion tour a couple years back. Front row in St. Paul. F’ing awesome. Kim Thayil was checking out my wife, haha.


If there’s a rock heaven, surely he’s in it, along with Freddy Mercury, Layne Staley, and Dimebag Darrell.

edit - and obviously, Peter Steele, my favorite rock musician of all time. (Hence the handle Greenman)

If it was suicide, that makes it even sadder.

WTF is with people committing suicide, this pisses me off.

Appears as though he may have slipped back into his Oxy addiction. Extensive opioid use can lead to depression, so it makes some sense. Still very sad. He was a really nice guy by all accounts.

Absolutely love his music and sound. Very, very sad to hear the news.


Yeah he had good music.

I saw him in Schillers in LES a few years ago, but unfortunately never in concert.

this is probably my favorite song cover of all time:


Soundgarden - Pretty Noose


does that make eddie vedder the last man standing? Staley still the GOAT to come out of Seattle.

Geoff Tate is still around. He’s not grunge though.