Bought 25k of it middle of November, has reached a high NAV of approx 83k as of earlier today. Anyone very educated on the company/digital asset XRP that would care to weigh in on whether this has long term viability or not? Thanks ahead of time!

u bought 25k worth lol

Yes, now it is worth approx 126k in USD on CEO.IX exchange lol

haha genius. just messing with you. i was looking at ripple after you mentioned it few weeks back.

im out of cryptos so no viewpoint here. whats ur selling price?

haha im going to be on a wild ride for sure. Not going to let big swings impress me or discourage me though either way. As crazy as it sounds…10 dollars. This would put the value at a little over a million in USD. Once it hits 5 dollars (IF it does), I may sell around 20k to service some student loan debt.

I merely posted to see if any others on here had some very deep knowledge beyond mine regarding it. Possibly those who are deep in Silicon Valley/Live in Seattle who are closer and more privy to additional info.

Unreal. Makes me wanna puke. Youre by now sitting on close to 300k off a 25k bet in < 2 months.

Gutsy… i looked into it when it was 0.0008 or whatever ahahahah

I was recently looking into buying it since it seems like it’ll be the next one added to coinbase.

What?!?! you knew about it then? I would have been all in at that price. Did you read the white paper or listen to David Schwartz talk about consensus? Maybe I am just an easy sell but damn. haha

It will see a 60-100 percent increase within 24-48 hours when it does get added to coinbase. Not sure how much you have to invest but something like 1000 dollars may not be a big deal, but 10k or 100k, then well…you are coming up on a good amount of money really fast!

Yeah I honestly felt like I was going to throw up a few times when it all started happening. I expected every bit of this ascent just not within 53 days…my dad called me at numerous points…50 cents, 83 cents, 1.25, 1.75, even 2.47 which was it’s ATH on Bitstamp and has been screaming for me to sell it but nope, I plan on holding for at least a few years. MIGHT trade it once or twice (ie coinbase announcement, sell way higher, buy back on a dip), but we will see!

This crypto market run is far from over, short term anyway, next year or two. Plenty of opps to see 3, 5, even 10x your money. Just have to know where to look.

Isn’t it hard to buy? I was looking to buy some but seemed to be a hassle. Not saying it isn’t worth it, but I’ve been very busy at work and haven’t had much free time. Perhaps that’s what i’ll do next snow day

xrp sitting at 3.64 - well done lad.

My man… well done dude… ur bigger baller than that iheartmath now…

It is not easy, no. But I will tell you what I have been telling most. The more I look at the history of asset bubbles, the more I think this madness only has a couple years left. The general public has mostly no idea how to purchase it, and if they do, they think it’s too much of a pain to do so. Once it becomes easy to, the price will sky rocket. Also institutional money outside of the valley has barely begun to buy it either, this will happen too.

At that point, depending on how much you’ve made, if you do not like the idea of holding it 10,15, 20 years without going through the anguish of seeing it drop 70-80 percent: Sell.

*was sitting at haha but thanks man. Such is the world of crypto. That Coinbase tweet about not adding any coins “at this time” didn’t really help me out. Rotation into BTC finally though.

Some conspiracists think that Ripple is merely a tool created by the big banks to suck money out of BTC and ETH so that they can buy both of them at cheaper prices. LOL thoughts on that?

^yah im in that pool - ripple goes against the mission. I’ll align ripple with the verse, “I made a G today, but you made it in a sleazy way, selling crack to the kids”

The problem with ripple is that its like digital fiat because there is an infinite supply. As for the conspiracy theory that banks are using ripple to buy more decentralized currencies like ETH and BTC I dont know how that would work. If it is known that there is a centralized power then the currency would simply fork and the former coin/token would become worthless

wait, how is there an infinite supply? It’s a pre mined coin with 100 billion total coins. Also, it is deflationary as it is destroyed each time it is transacted. Currently there is only one mexican bank employing Xrapid and using XRP to move money, but they tweeted today that 3 out of the 5 top money transfer companies are planning to use XRP in 2018 (but did not disclose which ones).

People think that it is centralized but it actually is not in the sense that any developer can build upon the XRP platform. Major pundits recognize this, however, they will argue that OK yeah it is open source and decentralized but there are currently only like 5 trusted nodes on RippleNet and if you disagree with those 5, you simply get voted out or become “not trusted” ie going back to the centralized nature of it.

They have stated that they are working to get more nodes on the network to make it more decentralized but that remains to be seen. What I think the biggest challenge is going to be is liquidity and getting banks on board with Xrapid instead of Xcurrent which literally 99 of their 100 partners or whatever are using instead of transacting in XRP. They claim they are incentivizing partner bank by offering up to a 30 percent cost reduction by using XRP and not just ripplenet, but who knows if it is going to work. If it doesn’t I think the value of XRP is going to hit a huge brick wall. Currently a very big risk.

Not disagreeing with you there but nonetheless; a lot of $$$ to possibly be made. Most die hard crypto OGs hate Ripple, however, I think the homer simpsons of the world and financial institutions who only care about their bottom line will continue to drive it for a couple years.