Rolex Air King

About to purchase. New model. Opinions?


If you just prefer the look of the Air King, then go for it. However, if it’s a matter of price point, rather than paying $6k for a new Air King, you should also think about paying $1k or $2k more to get a no date Submariner that will satisfy you longer before the need to “upgrade”.

It looks ugly to me. Tacky.

I do like other Rolexes. Not this.

i think it’s because of the yellow crown logo and green font.

i kinda want a black face stainless Daytona… hard for me to part with that much money for a watch but that’d be my pick.

I don’t like subs or gmt’s. Daytona is out of my price range. I like this and the milgauss as far as roleys, also explorers.

I like the colors, it’s different. I see a million guys with subs, this would be unique. The only thing that throws me off is the way the minute font is different from the hour font. In person it looked bether than the pictures though

at the end of the day its your decision. you’re the one going to be rocking this baby on your wrist.

if you like it get it.

hope you find a good AD. my friend got a rolex last month for 12k. said he was checking around town and cheapest was 14k all in.

somehow found an AD that gave him a good deal [at least thats what he claims. its very customized so not sure if he was telling the truth or not]

We have an AD here a few minutes from my place. Not sure what makes them good or not. As far as getting a good deal, I don’t know how much they would be willing to negotiate already firm Rolex pricing for an entry level model like the Air King

I’ve committed to finally buying a watch after earning the Charter and getting myself a new job. It’s either the above Air King from a local AD or this Omega Speedmaster from Jomashop for 1/2 the price of the Rolex. Thoughts?

This Omega looks more highspeed than that Rolex. Yeah - go for it.

The Omega looks a bit classier, IMO.

I actually like this Air-King. Again, if that’s what you like, go for it. There are some high rollers on this site that would have you believe this is somehow a suboptimal watch, but haters…that’s six large on his wrist. If anyone wants to act snooty about that, I say f**k ‘em.

Yeah. I wear a G-Shock, lol.

Ohai is the only person on the board I’d trust for opinions on watches #sixlargeishisweeklylunchbudget #the1percentofAF

you can be rich and have bad taste look at your boy trump

Buy a Ball. It’s like slapping your d on the conference table.

Yes, but that’s not the case. Ohai has a lot of knowledge of watches and cars.

You’re assuming that money buys good taste.

that watermelon car is funny as heck