RR ?

Rahul I admire you,seriously I dont give a pigs shit about your designations,even if triple the amount of designations in your life I dont give a shit.I have seen far more sucessful guys than you ,but what I admire you about is the fact that on a forum dedicated to guys who know their way around you attract attention,I believe attention is an energy,there is no good or bad attention,and you my friend are a master at that.I am happy that you take the shit and stand up.Well done brother

Rahul Roy, ignore the haters, keep working out, and soon they will all want to lick and suck your abs. Gaymen and Normalmen.

Anyone else think that some psychopath is furiously switching between his Inky Binky, Rahul Roy, and X Ray accounts?

Can’t one of the mods glance at the IP addresses of the people logging in?

His pursuit of letters, Ivy, and abs is nothing but vanity. I don’t see anything admirable. His “hacksaw” post was simply intended to compensate for the fact that he graduated from a hacksaw. He wanted to make himself feel better for that blemish.

Unfortunately for RR, reliable penis enlargements aren’t readily available.

OK, for real now, dog.

I find RR to be mildly amusing at times, but more often than not, he’s annoying. I get it. But the sheer volume of hate threads and hate posts toward RR is starting to get just as annoying. Can’t we just knock it off?

If you don’t like what he has to say, just ignore him.

It’s all the same dude…


I always knew Greenman=Wisdom and knowledge.

I think this is an RR love thread.

FTR i never told that i graduated from “Hackshaw” university.Hackshaw is a relative term.A good college as per Asian standards may be a hackshaw college by US standards…

Hacksaw (not hackshaw) is absolute. If it’s not Top-2, it’s hacksaw. And there are no Top-2 universities in India, where you got your hacksaw MBA.

rr = my bit*h

of course a weirdo will attract attention


Pleasedont say that ,I dont want to be in rahuls shoes.All the stress he is carrying around,I have been with more girls than the hours rahul has studied

what is a hackshaw? is that the india version of crappy schools?

Reading this thread and the 5 others like them in this forum just today, I wonder if Bchad regrets putting his rep on the line for him. It would be like Bill Clinton defending Mike The Situation.

This is my last reply to you Xray.Henceforth you don’t exist for me on AF.

So you don’t give pig sit about desigations??Let me refresh your memory a little bit.

http://www.analystforum.com/forums/careers/91336036 http://www.analystforum.com/forums/careers/91336015 http://www.analystforum.com/forums/careers/91336153

http://www.analystforum.com/forums/careers/91336176 We can clearly see that you are begging AFers to give you guidance about your career/which designation to do/How can you get into IVY/How can you utilize your useless time/etc/etc… If you had really seen SO many successful people in your life (as you claim)then you could have simply asked them for career guidance instead of asking strange people on a internet forum. Last but no the least,i don’t have much free time since i have to manage family/studies/job so please stop tagging my name in every thread of yours to “attract” traffic/comments. Have a nice day.

The time you spend each day trying to prove others wrong is so much.I say again I dont care about designations the way you do,because I do not define myself be the designations I have.If I sit with a girl for 1 hour I can gurantee you I have enough things to say ,I dont have to tell her about my designations(I have a few designations and sport chamipionship medals but dont mention them to people right off).

You are a nice fellow in your heart,take care

You seem like the type of guy that coworkers would turn against. Good luck with your letters.

This is my new favorite term.