Running shoes recommendation

I need a good pair and happy to spend around £100 ( ~ $160).

Can you recommend something that has worked well for you?


Some questions that are bound to come up: What type of running do you do/want to do? Have you had any running related injury history (knee, ankle, foot, etc.)?

It depends on the person. You should go to a dedicated running store, and they will give you a “gait analysis”. That is, they observer you walking and they recommend a shoe that fits your feet.

For instance, I have “moderate to severe” overpronation. So, I wear motion control shoes to avoid foot injuries. It would not be a good idea for me to use the same shoes as someone with neutral feet.

I am signed up for London Marathon 2013 and about to start training. No injuries so far…

Thanks, Ohai. I was planning to go to one of those shops this weekend but was wondering about any makes / models people prefer / avoid.

I like Asics, but it’s really just preference. Honestly, just get a comfortable pair and then as your run more you may decide you prefer one thing or another.

Also, if you are just starting out they it is a good idea to read up on running “form” a bit. It can help make training more enjoyable, less monotonous and avoid overuse injuries. Proper technique is probably as important as the shoes, IMO.

Insoles also help to further customize your shoe to your sole.

do you know where I can find out information concerning proper running form? I effectively have no arches and have been told I need to start putting in more roadwork to improve my cardio, so I think it’s important that I learn how to run properly before I hurt myself.

I actually happen to know a multi-time world champion at ultra-distance triathlons and I asked him the same question when I needed new runners.

His answer without hesitation: Asics

He was just talking about best manufacturer obviously. In terms of specific shoe, it all depends on what works well with your feet

…I just realized saying “I actually happen to know a multi-time world champion at ultra-distance triathlons” makes me sound a lot like Blake… oh well, lol

I would prefer Mizuno coz they are lighter but a lot more expensive than Asics.

Really? A lot more expensive than Asics? Maybe thats a HK thing. I can guarantee you thats not the case in Canada.

I used to run ultras, and there’s a reason most distance runners who dedicate large portions of their lives to running chose Asics and I really don’t think it has much to do with price.

Well, “form” can get pretty contraversial. But generally for distance running, it mean’s staying pretty upright and not flailing everywhere with shorter strides not over-extending.

As far as your arches, I’m in a similar boat. I’d train on a relatively neutral shoe, and then gradually move towards shoes that are mildly more minimalist if you’re looking to strenghten and develop your arches. I don’t think insoles are necessary, and tend to fall in the camp that overly cushy shoes do more harm than good, although I’m not hardcore about the minimalist thing.

You can also minimize the impact to your arches by focusing on running less than 5 miles at fast pace, while getting even more intense cardio than if you were to just slog off 10-12 at a jogging pace.

I have been running in Asics Gel Nimbus for over 10 years now and previously was using oher Asics models. The Gel Nimbus are either 129.99 or 139.99 USD MSRP. They are not cheap. They are a cushioned trainer. The Gel Kayano costs more and is more rigid. Get fitted as someone on here already mentioned. They can tell by your wear pattern. I also use the green Superfeet insoles which add another 35 USD to the price.

I like Asics too! But there is no proper outlet here so I have Nike which are pretty comfy! Nike staff is pretty good too, they offer you advice after viewing your feet (for arches) and asking question about running style and training routine. Btw when I started out, I used this site to get an idea about suitable shoes.

I just ran my third marathon in the same pair of shoes. A pair of basic Nike running shoes. Good enough for me.

Plenty of guys were doing it barefoot.

I run on normal, running shoes…I run overall with a pretty neutral, flatfooted gait. Buy something light and comfortable with heel padding, once you get more experienced and become a shoe connoseiur you’ll be able to identify better.

Yes, they are, it might be due to the strong Japanese Yen


So basically you run crookedly?