Russian nerve gas attack

Anyone predicting anything substantial to come from the British/allied non Russian powers as a result from this? On the one hand, I think the british politicians, who have been shown to be weak as fuck will try to milk this for all its worth. At the same time the Russians shot down that airliner a few years ago with a couple hundred dead european civilians and took over Ukraine and nothing happened, and its kinda looking like GB may just slap sanctions on, and president manchild seems to be unwilling to talk down about russia himself,so I’m more skeptical that what really needs to happen with Russia really will (which is freezing of assets and a quarantine that would be in place to the point where theyre unable to maintain the capacity to produce weapons and offensive capabilities necessary for this sort of attack).

The UK is lost to liberal-fascism, and other radicalized ideologies. They are out of the game.

This is basically impossible. They are so far beyond this technologically that you’d have to run them into the stone age. Doing that is pretty much not going to happen as they have developed a close relationship with China, Turkey, Syria, India and much of Europe that allows them to ignore the US. If you try to isolate them they’ll just cut off gas pipeline flow to much of Europe in winter as they’ve threatened in the past. After Crimea they were threatened because of sanctions alongside the unexpected energy collapse and Germany basically took the foot off of sanctions saying a destabilized Russia (with a massive nuclear armory that could be for sale) was far worse for Europe than the current format.

US liberal media hysteria aside, the rest of the world is far more pragmatic and simply won’t go down the route your suggesting and broadly disagrees about “what needs to happen”. They killed a double agent settling a score from decades ago that saw many of their agents killed or imprisoned. This is simply how Russia rolls and while the US hates to accept that they can’t make the world into what they want it to be, these are the players we co-inhabit the planet with.

It’s interesting that Trump gets such a ridiculous rap for not throwing empty threats at Russia. His new CIA head is devoutly old school cold war anti-Russian and US forces just knowingly razed a bunch of Russian operatives in Syria with an airstrike a few weeks ago. How the UK handles this is the UK’s business, not team Amerika’s. Personally I think invading Iraq because Afghanistan attacked us over WMD’s we never found proof of and destabilizing an entire region with the resulting rise of extremism deserves some sanctions for the US but I guess them poisoning a double agent is unforgivable.

You think that they were settling a score, even given that that guy was traded for russian spies in the past? And is the reason why you would rather not put them back into the stone age because theyd sell their nukes, if I’m understanding you correctly?

They were definitely settling the score, dozens of their agents were killed, imprisoned or compromised, in intelligence circles its a brotherhood. There’s also a view that because Russia’s agencies can be a web of semi-autonomous fiefdoms this could have been carried out by some mid level lieutenant (possibly someone with a personal vendetta) without Kremlin green light. The US lost over a dozen Chinese agents around 2010 due to a double agent leak (one executed in a courtyard in front of coworkers) and due to our structure its unlikely we’d respond like Russia but in a different culture and different org structure you could easily see one of our agents “burying the proverbial hatchet”, albeit into the guy’s skull 20 years later when he’s with his family.

But Russia has vast chemical and nuclear stockpiles and a lot of nefarious people besides Putin waiting in the wings. I don’t think attempting to economically ruin them and opening the door to heightened extremism would in any way be the improvement you’re looking for. They might sell them, weapons may disappear through loose controls and black markets and they may have a military response. They still have an Akula sub that lingers in the arctic with 10 ICBM’s each capable of carrying 20 nuclear warheads. Their air, ground and surface fleets are a mess but undersea they never stopped innovating. China would pay top dollar for an asset like that.

But its questionable whether we could even destabilize Russia that far without a coinciding oil crisis given the number of countries that orient towards Russia vs the US and their finger on the on off switch for gas pipelines to Europe which is a major strategic advantage. Add the heightened relationship with Xi and China may just pivot towards a stronger bi-lateral partnership trade with Russia.

At the end of the day I just don’t think Russia killing a double agent justifies the response you’re talking about or is any different from US drone strikes on US citizens in Yemen.

US or other Western countries imposes light sanctions on Russia all the time, including sanctions on influential Russian individuals. That’s what generally happens whenever Russia does something like this. Everyone already knows Putin is sketchy as F and they have a pretty standard response by now.

How the US should approach Russia is complicated. A lot more could be done, short of “sending them back to the stone age.” The intelligence effort could be greatly increased. US focus for the last 15 years has been principally on shifting terrorist cells, not that Russia has been forgotten but just that it has not been the primary focus. US could do a lot more to undermine Putin in Russia, using some of Russia’s playbook (which is really just cold war with modern tech) against them. Increase propaganda. Increase social media manipulation. Increase support of anti-Putin groups. Increase communications surveillance and analysis. Expand and enforce sanctions. Make a deal with China on something they want to turn on Putin.

There is a lot that could be done. Of course, all actions risk retaliation. On one hand, getting more aggressive with Putin could lead to more adverse outcomes than the US is willing to tolerate, on the other hand appeasement of dictators usually does not end well. When you think about it, it is pretty remarkable that we haven’t nuked ourselves into cosmic obscurity already.

Haha, I love all these threads with egotistical Americans playing god, “hmm, how should we approach those few pesky remaining sovereign nations.” Arrogance is blind…

CN/RU are dealing with you via slow controlled managed decline. Be concerned about your own failed state. :bulb:

Geopolitics is a thing and countries engage with each other on various fronts. Russia, China and the US all do it. Maybe think before you show your ignorance publicly. Then again, I’m talking to a 45 year old who just realized legal tech and corporations matter. I’ll stop wasting my time.

Yes, and fascist America has made a lot of enemies with their arrogant “engaging.”


That’s what I thought, rendered speechless! :grin: :+1:

yes because china & russia have always been so respectful in how they deal with others - its just constant whataboutism with you

…and UK agents have never assassinate anyone in the history. Just my £ 0.02 pennies.

more whataboutism - yup they do so what? that doesnt negate the reaction of the british people to retaliate for something done on their soil. similarly to how i dont blame the iranian people for taking the US embassy for us screwing their elections.

also - would have been better had you said 0.07 pennies

Reaction of British is that I call it the hypocrisy. I can say RUB 0.01 if you rather like.

This game with Russian bear will not end well for UK. I bet Brits will loose much more than Soviets. And now they’re even not in EU.

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From Russia with love.