Sadder but Wiser is Te'o

“The single most trusting human being I’ve ever met will never be able to trust the same away again in his life.” --Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame Athletic Director

I’m curious to get everybody’s thoughts on the Manti Te’o story.

He was clearly in on it, and sadly his draft stock will fall markedly as a result.

For the unaware… it’s a pretty long read:

Weird story.

Don’t really care either way, it’s annoying that this is now going to be the lead story on espn for the next two weeks. Meh.

I find it almost impossible that he did not know.

Brent Musberger said she’s fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

I’m just confused. If he was a victim of a hoax, I find it hard to believe that he was strung along like that. If he participated in the hoax (as I believe is likely the case), why would he do that?

In any case, it seems like a case of “20-year-old guy does stupid shit”, that is, like every person of that age. I’m not sure it is worth thinking about too much…

I was born in 1980. When I was in high school, the internet thing was starting to take off (at least where I lived in rural Texas). I was a senior when I first heard about “Internet boyfriends” and what not. (It seems to me that the people that generally fall in love over the internet are girls. I could be wrong.)

Anyway, when I was a HS senior in 1997, and I first heard a girl talk about her boyfriend, I asked how she met him. She said that she met him online, and that they were truly in love. My first instinct was, “Have you ever met him in real life?” Of course, she had not. My next instinct was, “…uh…okay…” Even at 17, I was dubious about “online dating”.

Now, I’ve exchanged messages to girls online, but only to see if I wanted to call them. After we talked on the phone, If we still wanted to meet, then we met. I would not entertain anybody who was far away, or who mysteriously was “unable” to meet me face-to-face.

But I’m not Manti Te’o. He was playing varsity football when he was still in junior high. He made second-team all-state as a sophomore in high school. He is the winner of the very first Dick Butkus award (at the high school level) given to the best linebacker in the entire country. By the end of 2012, he was the most decorated college football player of all time!

So here’s a college football star in one of the most prestigous universities in the US. He is obviously going to be a first round draft pick in the NFL. There are 8.000 undergrads in Notre Dame. I presume that half of them are women. Right across the street is a women’s college with 1,600 young ladies that would just love to have a future NFL star as their boyfriend.

With all of these available women, the dashingly good-looking, smart, future millionaire athlete has to resort to an online relationship? And never met the woman?

Moreover, he has time to go to class at Notre Dame (which does not give concessions to its athletes, like most schools), finish his degree in Fall 2012, practice football (I have no idea how much time that takes at the college level. I think it is capped somehow), sleep (which I believe is necessary for survival if you are a human), and can still talk on the phone for 8 hours a night to his “girlfriend”.

I’m having a hard time believing this. I know he’s supposedly an introverted, relatively quiet guy. But I somebody’s lying, and I think it’s him. I think he concocted this story (on top of his grandmother dying, which is legitimate) to garner media attention to himself and his football program.

I definitely think he’s in on it, and I also agree that he loved the media attention he got this season. On top of that, I think it was all a cover up and he’s actually gay. Anyone else hear about the Arizona Cardinals player that claims to have known her? My predicition is that’s the BF.

If my gf is dying of cancer, I’m going to visit her in the hospital. And if she died, I’m not going to miss the funeral. He’s been in some sort of relationship with her since 2009 and his family’s never met the girl? Way too many holes in this story, and on top of his pretty awful performance in the BCS title game, is causing his draft position to further deteriorate and costing him more and more $$.

He did it for publicity. People love being famous. Also, right at that time, he was at the peak of his candidacy for the Heisman. More media coverage and a sensational story to pull heart strings could easily be tactics to push him towards that nomination. That, and if he perpetrated this, then he’s clearly more than a little mentally and emotionally off balance.

Anyhow, his Dad was quoted by a paper as saying, Manti had met this girl in Hawaii several times when she came to visit. Furthermore, his Dad described their meeting in interviews after the Stanford ND game last season. Yet the girl who’s picture has been plastered everywhere said she has never met Manti. And how does your “GF” get in a major car accident and even a coma over the summer and you don’t even bother to go see her once in the hospital or for recovery? Then she has Leukemia and you still don’t jet out to see her for a single day? And how are you calling a girl you’re now saying you never met your girlfriend on national TV? Also, why in the frick would they be friends for years and then escalate to dating status without even bothering to meet once?

He was so in on this.

In the SEC, there’s less time spent playing media headgames and more time destroying opponents. Hence why the actual Heisman winner from the SEC didn’t speak to reporters once the entire regular season while Manti was manufacturing soap operas.

That, plus the fact that Texas A&M does not allow freshman to talk to the media–period. No exceptions.

Have you ever met anybody from Texas A&M? That’s the most annoying group of people in the world.

Why are they so annoying?

That’ll have to be a whole new thread.

My guess is that he’s into some sick stuff, like doing hens or maybe goats. As long as my team doesn’t draft him, I’m good. BTW, he got sodomized in the BCS championship game, so I’ll take an SEC LB in a heartbeat over this probable hen rapist.

I’m going with gay…(not that there is anything wrong with that).

I’m confused as to how Te’o is still claiming he talked to “her” on the phone. She doesn’t exist. Seems obvious he’s lying his ass off.

Anyway, the top comment on deadspin is hilarious:

“Wow. All these Catholics are crazy upset about Lennay not being real. You can only imagine the kind of shitstorm it’s going to be when they finally find out about Jesus.”

Yup… so now Te’oing is a thing…

Are we positive this isn’t a Tuiasosopo?

More here:

^ +1.


^ In Te’os version of events, he was pranked, so he did actually talk to a real girl on the phone, but she was scamming him… for amusement… over the course of a full year.