Sage advice from the OG, SG

I mean, who hasn’t laughed in a clients face when they fire you. Obviously, that’s the right play. In no way can that backfire and surely they’ll be back eating out of your palm in no time. And when they inevitably do come back, clearly the best course of action is show them absolutely zero interest. That’ll keep the cash rolling.

Does it matter? If it makes money, it works.

But what an article! Laugh in your client’s face when they dump you, come up with some weird get-back-your-ex/client scheme and then offer to take a look at their portfolio for 3k. Must make a note to myself.

I like her, she seems like a very positive person. Would hire.

i just saw this skit play out in a k drama. where some money manager laughs at some model as he was getting fired. kept saying you’ll never make it w/o me.

Greenman, we’d be pretty good friends irl my guy.

Agree with he article. I generally follow the Swingers protocol for calling back leads. You don’t want to scare away potential clients by looking “thirsty.”

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She just messed up her own interview…with her potential audience. This is the worst interview advice I’ve ever seen.

I’m impressed that you listened to (any of) it.

I didn’t.

I simply knew that it would be received well here, whatever it said.

You really should watch it. It’s like “The Star Wars Holiday Special”. Once you start, you have to keep watching to see exactly how bad it can get.

Especially at the 4:30 mark, where she interrupts herself to advertise herself with no warning or explanation whatsoever.

As I’ve said before, she must have done something right. She went to Harvard for undergrad and NYU for her MBA (two accomplishments that I will never have). She must be successful at her podcast and articles, because she keeps doing it. I have no idea what kind of person pays money for this garbage, but apparently somebody does.

At least this gives me hope that if she can succeed, then I sure as sh!t can.

She has no clue what she’s talking about. This is how you ace an interview and demonstrate that you’re a BSD.


True. If it works, it isn’t stupid.

Forgot to write that she must be pretty beta because she prepares for failure. Who prepares for a messed up interview? Losers, that’s who! A charterholder walks in a owns that ■■■■.