Sample exams of 70, 71, 70 - Good?

Basically, took all 3 of the sample exams in past two days. Probably stupid, but I wanted to get a real good idea how the they ask questions. The annoying part is I have absolutely no idea what section to work on other then FSA. I was all over the map. 100s in sections I got 55s in one test. I mean all over the map. Regardless, scored 70%, 71%, and 70%. Is this decent? Are theses samples typically similar to exam, harder or easier? Thanks.

r these sample exams from CFAI website ??

Yes, samples from the CFAI website. The free, $40, $40. I score like 85% on the schweser ones. Cake compared to CFAI samples.

Can you print these exams out - or does it disappear after finishing? (the CFAI samples)

Pretty sure they disappear after finishing. Wish i looked over the ones i missed a bit more…

I think that’s pretty good. I’ve heard they are a bit harder than the actual exam,and you still have 1 month to review.

Do they disappear? So you don’t get to review them later…question by question? This is not that helpful then…Maybe than I will save my $90 and just do the sample test then…and instead do the Stalla practice exams in the book…any thoughts?

would recommend doing the CFAI exams. The language and the style of questioning, when you get used to the same, does help you a lot during the real deal.

70+ in all three exams! You are nailing the exam in December. May I congratulate you in advance?

Thanks for the vote of confidence, but certainly no victory yet. While I know a missed a few simply not reading the question fully, I also got a few right I was taking estimated guesses at. Also, I misread questions in all 3 exams after telling myself to be careful, so I cant exactly discount doing that in the real thing. I definitely found a few weak subjects after averaging all 3 scores together. 61% fixed income can certainly be improved upon. I would advise everyone take the three sample exams. As mentioned above, the questions can certainly be worded tricky. They will lean you towards 1 way of thinking(give the correct answer choice for that direction), and add 3 words at the end that entirely change it.

I believe there is an option to save the exam after you are done taking it…it worked fine for me

I will go back and check again, possibly is. I can definitely check the scores out again.

I got 60-75% on all three CFAI practice exams and scored >70% in all sections of the June LI exam.

whodey Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I got 60-75% on all three CFAI practice exams and > scored >70% in all sections of the June LI exam. cool

Thanks Whodey, those are the statements that keep me studying hard.

Just completed CFA sample 2…came in with 68% which is my best “fail” yet…slightly frustrating that I read a couple of least/most likely questions wrongly and took off a maintenance margin i had added…etc…knew I was 50/50 on a few that went against me…more work to do,but I needed such a closeish score at this stage to remain enthusiastic! Lets keep going!

swarrington, odds are definitely in your favor!

I took one this weekend and got a 63%. I didn’t think the questions looked all that difficult just made stupid mistakes. Practice makes perfect! I guess it’s one thing to read the material but it’s another thing to be tested on it. I’m prob going to take a mock exam this weekend. I’m going to buy the package of 2 for $100. I actually feel that the schweser tests are harder.

Have to agree, I have the Schweser book 1, I did those last month and it was a bit of a car crash! I did the free CFA sample and got 56%…dreadful, I was pancking under pressure with the clock ticking away…I felt the first paid one was far easier…no tricky quant or duration/convexity questions…the good thing is we are getting into the format of doing the exam. Now I am through this, I too will move on to the 2x mocks, apart from the material, getting into exam mode is almost half the battle for me. Good luck mate!

I was getting 79-82 on the stalla practice questions, I took one Schweser, Book 1 AM Test and got a 61 on it. Those questions were a lot trickier than the practice exam I took. Exactly what you said, getting into exam mode. When I took the Series 7 I must’ve have taken 20+ practice tests. By the time I took the 7 there wasn’t a question I wasn’t prepared to see, plus you have to get your mind ready to sit down for an extended period of time and concentrate to answer 120 questions. Good Luck!