San Francisco

Will be in San Fransisco for a couple of days next week, any recommendations on places to see/eat/experience? I saw golden gate bridge, union square, fishermans wharf and lombard street on my previous visit. Looking to spend some time in China town and a few other places this time around.

If you see a quarter on the streets of San Francisco, don’t bend over to pick it up.


if you are a runner, I would go check out the golden gate rec area (far west corner of the city). There are running/hiking trails right along the coast that provide awesome views in a great setting. You can take it as far as you want and check out some of the big houses in the presidio or do an out and back.

Just hangout with Blake.

Man, that sounds fun!!! Why go to Alcatraz or the pier when you can hang out with Blake?

Well, if you are into the cultural experience, you should go walk around in the Castro district. For the most part, it is like anywhere else in the city. However, the normalcy of LGBT stuff there might be refreshing if you are open minded. Just ignore the stuff that is overtly catering to tourists.

If you like nature stuff, I would also recommend spending some time outside the city. There are nice rocky seashores, redwood trees, elk, and scenic stuff to do within 30 minutes drive.

I’d like to hang out with Blake, but I am concerned that the experience would be too overwhelming for me. Everything after that would be pale and bleak by comparison. Food would not taste as sweet and the touch of women will no longer be as warm.

If you have the time, just drive up and down Highway 1 with stops at Stinson beach, Half Moon bay, Pebble Beach, Big Sur etc.

Check out Coit Tower for a good panoramic view of the bay.

Oh dear… sounds like you have some latent desires to fulfill… LOL

Why not? Quarters are for laundry, pennies meh i’ll leave behind.

Check out Mission, Haight is really tourist but has some good record shops and thrift stores if you’re into it.

How long before Blake shows up to tell us that we know jack sh!t about San Francisco and how rubbish our recommendations are?

That’s like saying why go to Miami and hang out with A-Rod?

I just vomited a little bit from the thought of all the hipsters. Yeah man, definitely make sure to check out thrift shops while you’re visiting San Fran no

Thing about the Haight is that the hippie stuff is all maintained for tourist purposes. There are a lot of those beads/incense/1960s kind of stores, but they are owned by some Chinese lady or something. There are some nice hole-in-the-wall restaurants or bars that do not follow the intended theme of the area, and I think these are more interesting than the tourist stuff.

Mission district is a bit sketchier than most SF areas. Of course, SF sketchy is not at the same level as NY sketchy. There is good Mexican food there, and some trendy places that come with the “gentrification”.

Another area I think is interesting is the Sunset/Richmond at the north west part of the city. The reason is that Asian people are now living here instead of in China town. So, there is a lot of that Asian stuff (mostly Chinese), but without the cheesy tourist stores. There is lots of cheap dim sum.

I dunno, CFASnipers comment is making me think twice about the Castro district lol…Been to Sequoia park before, so not really interested in looking at big trees unless they talk/their is something different abt them. Will be goin to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate rec area too. Yo blake, imma be in your city, best hide all your female friends.

The Sutro baths, Ocean Beach, and the SF Zoo on the West side are worth a look if you are on foot. Down the coast there are some really cool beaches on Highway 1 to check out all over the place.

I like Sausalito - nice view of the city while you’re chilling at a beachfront cafe sipping on a cocktail. Make sure you bring pocket change for the trip back across the Golden Gate - once I didn’t and the f*ckers didn’t take cards, then sent me a massive ticket.

I never spent much time in SF. However, I did live in Monterey for about a year. It was real nice. You can go see Cannery Row and downtown Monterey. If you go here, I recommend Compagno’s deli, on the corner of Taylor and Prescott. It looks like a dump–like you don’t even want to take your dog there. But the sandwiches and cake are the best on this side of the Hudson River.

Pebble Beach is nice. I married a girl from there, whose dad was a member of the Pebble Beach Country Club. He was not quite happy that his daughter was dating/married to a lower enlisted Marine. But I got a chance to play at the most exclusive golf course in the world, though.

Carmel is nice, if you like tourist traps and overpriced food and trinkets.

And there’s the boardwalk at Santa Cruz. I remember thinking it was really nice, too.

And there’s Big Sur National Park, a little further south from Carmel. Whether it offers anything that you can’t get north of the Bay, I don’t really know.