Have any of you tried to apply for the scholarship not the student but the main one and get an error message? Does this not work anymore as a tell? Or can everyone access it now. I get an error for the student but not the main. I remember people saying it works a week before the results


I get error msg for student and not main. Not sure. .if its a tell. Which scholarship is applicable for us…main or student?shld be student… Ideally since we have not completed cfa yet. Main shld be for those. .Who have completed cfa. Any ideas?

Yes - stop now and wait it out.

I get an error for all scholarship applications, except for Access (main) and regulator


I get error for all except for the main one (access scholarship).

Also…I can still access all of my online material. I remember a few weeks ago ppl said they saw it disappear.

Knock it off! Don’t start stressing me with no tell. Tuesday will be the real tell baby. Sh***t, I am stressed.

Me too: Main and Regulator work. What the heck?

Can you access the “Regulator?” I can access both the Main and the Regulator.

So stressful! But they are doing website maintenance this Friday, maybe that’s when they upload our results?!

On one hand, the wait is killing me on the other hand maybe it’s better not knowing?!

Yeah I can get both as well, But not for the others.

I think nerves are all running high right now and we’re all just speculating. Friday’s update may have some implications but it may not. Certaintly by next week it’ll be definitely in the system.

If anything, after the update, this friday (tomorrow) and if they made any error or loopholes, then it should surface. Why else, why would they have a maintenance update at such a convenient time. It also says the entire site and “critical” updates. So, results…meh, i’d say that’s pretty critical.

Don’t sweat it, guys. Nearly half of you will pass!!


have any of these “tells” ever actually been legit in the past?

Last year there was no “tell”. It’s funny though…

can someone give me step by step directions to check? its under my profile then what

Yeah last year was crazy indeed. We had like excel sheets documenting just about everything…for nothing (sigh)

There likely won’t be a tell but if I remember correctly, didn’t CFAI change the layout of their website since last year? I remember it because everything was little more confusing to find this year.

Just navigate to your scholarship page. Should be under ‘CFA program’

How does a tell change anything?

it doesn’t. you don’t have to read this sub-thread. just saying…

if they make a mistake – for example they have to give failing candidates the ability to register, but not passing candidates – if that gets triggered early that would be a way to see if you passed or fail

But nothing is getting triggered early. You have a ‘tell’ that you can’t confirm until the result August 28th.