Schweser 3 day seminar.

Thinking of doing the online schweser 3 day seminar next month. It will be taught by Greg Filbeck… Is it worth it? Does anyone recommend the instructor?

I don’t know Greg; sorry.

I’ll be doing three live, 3-day Level I seminars for Schweser in April / May: Atlanta, San Francisco, and Toronto.

Wish me luck!

Greg has got mixed reviews. I am not a fan of him at all, but there are others who think he is good too…

S2000magician, goodluck. From what I have seen from your posts you explain concepts well, you’ll do fine.

Sooraj, have you taken him for the 3 day review? Is he just fast Speaking? Couldnt find a preview of him on youtube/google.

No mate, I bought the L3 videos and didnt like Greg as he was just too fast for me and appeared to me just reading stuff a ppt… So knowing he is doing the L3 seminar, I didnt sign up for that - I badly want to but not if its Greg :frowning:

magician - goodluck!

I heard marc lefebre is good.