Schweser do it yourself LOS Cards

Hi guys, first time poster here, but i’ve been lurking for a while. I know from the other posts that you are all anxiously awaiting your L2 results, but I didn’t wanna wait till wednesday to ask this question (because some of you might be on L3 by then). Last year, for L1, I used Schweser do it yourself LOS cards for my studies. I found that they helped me retain some subtleties more easily. This being said, Schweser discontinued them for the 2009 curriculum (they only kept the already filled flashcards). Are any of you (current L2ers, or new L2ers) aware of any provider that offers such item? Thank you for your answers…Also, good luck to all of you. J.

I recommend that you find a better use for your studying time than filling out those damn cards. Useless waste of cardboard in my opinion. I don’t know of a single person who used them for L2. Seriously, memorizing concepts from flashcards will get you nowhere on Level II. Edit: Even if you were allowed to bring them into the exam, it still wouldn’t be worth it.

… I mean, I will sell you mine for $50. Brand new, mint condition.

i still have brand new box for L3. Never touched them - IMHO useless

My advise: Take those LOS and 1) throw them away, or, if you need to get some use out of them, then 2) use them to wipe your arse.

Well you guys may be right, but the thing is, from reading the recent posts about the difficulty of L2, I really want to play my cards right for this one. I did wonder if it wasn’t a waste of time to fill those while studying for L1, but since I passed relatively well, I though i’d use the same studying methodology that I did for it. Anyway, I’m not gonna bother you more with this. I’m sure you already got a lot on your mind with the results coming. See you back in December (not gonna start studying to early as you suggested…) J.

Smarshy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > My advise: Take those LOS and 1) throw them away, > or, if you need to get some use out of them, then > 2) use them to wipe your arse. They might be a little hard/sharp for option 2. I would stick with 1.

i made my own flashcards and i thought it really helped

The question depends on how you retain information and how you study. Decide for yourself whether you think it’ll work or not. I made my own flashcards for LI and LIII. I used videos for LII. Of course I felt that cards were useful or else I would not have written them out again in LIII. A few things: If you want to be thorough, you’ll need a lot of flashcards. I created about 700 for the first level, and about half that amount for LIII (Schweser version). Having Schweser print out all the LOS for you really sped up the process in LIII. Also, don’t even think about doing this unless you’re planning on really putting in the time to write them. It’s a very, very intensive process. Also, don’t waste your time if you don’t plan on using them… I did about 30 mins of carding every night before bed. Good luck.

breaking news from the field of education: Not everyone learns the same way. The reality is writing things down rather than just reading them is a pretty effective learning method for most people.

I’ll re-re-re-re-reiterate what’s been already said: they suck. I tried to make use of them, but my time was always better spent reviewing concepts, working problems, and building my formula sheet (for things worth memorizing). Ditch the cards.

I thought I would use them, but didn’t. Much more productive study to be done IMHO

ummm. i actually used them. i’m not a flashcard person at all, but i was so terrified of failing level 2 and they came with the package so i used them… but they weren’t any better than using plain notecards. these guys are right though, it takes forever to fill them all out. i’ll let you know tomorrow if it worked. to answer your question, i don’ t know of any providers who offer these. but to save time, you might just get the secret sauce.

Yeah, Im a fan of the secret sauce, used it for L1 & 2, though it is brief (thats the point) it is highly useful

Someone from Schweser convinced me to make Q cards last year, ended up finding them extremely useful…

Follow up to my previous post. Looks like flashcard might’ve helped, I’m officially done w/ all three exams. Good luck.

where to find secret sauce? buy it separately from the regular schweser material?

uh how about trying a crazy idea like…making your own flashcards? you know, like you did in elementary school?

i made my own. works for me.

That’s what I’ve decided to do. Make my own flashcards. It is time consuming, but I gotta admit I’m also terrified of L2. Hopefully, they’ll prove useful in the end. It is a bummer that schweser discontinued them. I know many people who would’ve gladly paid for the empty ones as an extra. Somehow, the prefilled flashcard don’t attract me. As some of you said, I find them to be passive rather then active learning. I do remember concepts better when I write them. Anyway, Thx for the comments guys. J.