Schweser live mock

How did people do?

AM 85

PM 75

bombed ethics miseraby and quant for some reason.

Bombed the test. Officially broke my confidence.

Next day I wrote up a plan on how to pass, and a schedule on what to do for the next two weeks. Seeing results already, and regaining confidence.

68/75… did horribly on ethics oddly

Could you share with us this strategy? wink

AM: 67

PM: 57

This was by far the worst practice exam I’ve had to date (never scored below 70% on any Schweser or CFAI mocks up to this point, including for L1). Also, I truly believe they made this a “worst case scenario” as the equity item sets, which are generally easier in my opinion, represented the minimum possible number given its weighting and FRA had the highest possible number. Looking on the website (with over 600 data points by now), the average for this thing was around 57%… pretty darn low.

I’m glad they didn’t make it a walk in the park and I’m definitely going to identify weak spots from this, but it was also a huge confidence killer going into the last 2 weeks…

AM 62

PM 72

Averages seem to be 55, 59 according to!

I feel much better after reading these comments. When I put in my answers and got a 50% in AM and especially seeing I got all of Ethics wrong (I thought I was good at ethics) I was sure they messed up the levels or I input something wrong but I am very happy the mock destroyed my confidence in ethics because after watching the tutorials I noticed I am missing a lot of the details, especially in the research objectivity standards.

Gotta lot of work to do these next couple of weeks…

AM 68

PM 77

Got destroyed (0/6) on AM ethics… on AI section I made the same mistake three times… Guess those are the sections I need to work on the following weeks

got a 73% on the live mock, lowest Schweser practice before this was an 81%, also went 0/6 on Ethics in the AM… Field avearge looks like 57% right now which seems about right as I think eyeballing the field’s average for the first 6 mocks was like 67% so the filed dropped 10% on this one and I dropped about 10% from my average on this one, can’t believe how hard ethics was…

Leave this forum. Leave and don’t come back.

what was your score panos, was it really that bad? The point I was trying to make was that I was about 10% below my Schweser average with this one. I found it harder than the 6 practice tests and am disapointed with my score. I think a lot of us are disapointed right now given some of the feedback so far, it looks like it will be a busy two weeks…

AM: 88

PM: 84

Got killed by ethics, gain a bit of confidence back now!

34/60, 56.666% in the morning

41/60, 68.333% in the afternoon.

Total average of 62.5%.

Surprised I got so much wrong on the morning section, was feeling equally good about it if not better than afternoon.

The average for this one appears to be at 57%. I wished they’d give us the standard deviation so I can try to figure out whether I’m in the 35ish% or not…it’s clear that I and most of us are above average, but it’s nice to know by how much.

On a side, anecdotal note, I will mention that it appears that Schweser does make this live mock harder for whatever reason (kudos to all you crazies who scored so high above 70%). The December 2012 live mock averaged 58% and I got 63% on that one, off my memory. Before that mock, I think I did 4 or 5 and never got below 70%. That freaked me out and I went crazy studying over the next two weeks. Obviously, given where I’m at now, I passed level 1. I think they make this test harder so you will freak out and buy their last minute resources, or maybe it’s just their strategy to make you study harder, thus using Schweser more in the future. Maybe I’m just a conspiracy theorist, haha.

Nooo man, I didn’t take the live. I actually have only done one practice exam and some Qbank. I got a 82% on the practice exam but after a lot of hair pulling and being 10 - 15 minutes overtime. At the same time I see people considering schweser practice tests “a breeze” and scoring at least 4563%. It is killing me :frowning:

Good job on your scores dude, you are a beast.

I think the only beast here is escoleru, great score, I’m going to go through this test today and figure out what my game plan is for the remaining days that we have, keep plugging.

It seems the common theme is that Ethics was really difficult. Was there anything in particular (killed on soft dollars, for example)? Or was it just nit picky details of the standards? I’m not planning on taking this mock, so I was just curious as to what aspect of ethics was so difficult because chances are if everyone here got destroyed on these concepts, I’m likely to need more work on them as well.

By the way, I hate ethics. Least favorite subject.

am 62% / pm 73%. Total 67.5%,

Same total as CFAI Mock but Schweser felt a lot easier and a lot less stressful when I was doing it, thought I’d done a lot better to be honest. Finished both sessions with 45mins to spare and it was good to take that time to review some of the tougher item sets and questions. Doubt that will happen on exam day,

Ethics am was a shocker. mpearc, it was mainly focussed on Research Objectivity Standards with a few soft dollar thrown in for good measure. pm ethics item set was on the main code of conduct.

I thought I’d nailed FRA but still dropped 8 marks.

Bombed CF for some reason, need to refresh. Derivatives still needs some work, i really need to think long and hard when doing deriviative equivalencies questions.

One of the item sets was on research objectivity standards, and yea in general it was pretty nit picky on the details throughout the entire mock.

68/77, I too had trouble with morning ethics, missing 4 out of 6. The morning session as a whole was by far the most difficult mock for me to date. I was easily working through both practice exam books hitting mid 70’s, with a few mid 80’s sprinkled in. The difficulty with ethics was that the quetions were making you determine what is recommneded and what is required.

This is my second go around at the level II exam and I can honestly say that the live mock was a very fair representation in terms of difficulty of the actual exam. Maybe even more difficult.