Schweser mocks vs actual exam

Recently i have started solving mocks from schweser volume 1 and 2 and my scores are on an average 80%.For CFA L1 i found schweser mocks to be harder than the actual exam.Surprisingly i am finding schweser mocks to be quite “easy” this time around for L2.This should be a reason for happiness but i am getting nervous.

Thus i request all the CFA L3 candidates and CFA charter holders to please suggest me whether the schweser mocks are comparable to the “real” CFA l2 exam.

I know that i will be getting lots of heat from my fellow AF members for posting this thread on “CFA general section” instead of “CFA l2 section” but i have valid reasons:

1)I think most of the charter holders (except say s magician) are more active on “CFA general section” or “Water cooler” as compared to say “CFAL1 or l2” sections.

2)I think my thread on “CFA vs schweser mocks” is a general rather than specific to any particular level ie a L1 /l2 candidate will have the same doubt on comparability of actual CFAI exam and schweser mocks.

Schweser mocks are easier. Download past exams and answers from CFA Institute website and compare.

Schweser exams are a lot more mathematical. The real exam is more conceptual.

You should be good to go with 80% Schweser. Nice position to be in with 53 days left to go. I was scoring low 70% in Schweser, got mid 60% on CFAI and felt I easily passed.

Get your hands on previous CFAI mocks and go through those. They might seem harder but 80% Schweser should translate to a passing CFAI score.

Only thing I can recommend is that you keep some material for the last couple of weeks so you keep everything fresh right before exam time.

Good luck.

Here’s a data point (if my memory serves correct):

89%/88% - Schweser in person mock exam

80%/82% - CFA mock (hard as hell)

10/10 >70% on 2012 Level II exam.


I have asked my seniors to mail me the CFAI mocks of 2012/2013.

Thanks sir for the kind advice. smiley

I completely agree.Schweser mocks are mostly all about putting numbers in formulas.

Thanks sir for your advice.I have asked my senior friends to mail me some old CFAi mocks.

thats against cfai policy

Violation of ethics on both your parts…you for asking…them for saying yes. Anyway, schweser mocks were easier…towards the end, good thing if you’re getting 80% on them now but as was mentioned, save some for later. Are you guessing a lot though? Or are you getting them from stone cold knowing what to do? The CFAI mock exam was much harder than schweser or the real thing. I got > 70 on the 5 heaviest weighted sections and 50-70 on the other 5.

I plan to finish off with schweser volumes by the end of this week.

I am keeping the CFAI mocks (2012/2013/2014) for the last week before exam.

Hope it works.

Who are these senior friends you keep referring too? Will you have to kill me to tell me?

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We can’t see your pics.

Senior friends means some one who has already cleared CFA exams.

Some of the mock tests by the scheweser are tougher and some are easier when you start comparing them with your actual exam . It is upto you how you take it. It is really tough to measure the nature of actual exam . There are changes every year .So my advice is that just keep preparing to your level best and donot panic or get nervous . All the best !!