schweser vs stalla for L2

Trying to figure out which material to use for level 2. Heard from at least 3 friends preferred schweser for level 2. I used both for Level 1 - schweser notes + stalla CD. Stalla CD saved me. I don’t think I could’ve passed without Peter Olinto’s lectures. But some of the Stalla pass master questions are way too detailed. I also have a friend who passed Level 1 just by reading the CFAI’s textbooks. Any thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated…

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I’m sticking with Schweser. It worked for Level I for me and I’m comfortable with the organization’s track record. Doing Q-Bank, Notes, Practice Exams, and MP3s (I learn well by hearing and I have trouble reading on the train/bus). I didn’t find the video lectures especially helpful (to me) so I’m skipping those this time. I’m sure Stalla is fine too, though. I just don’t want to switch unless I have a compelling reason to do so – much like changing your answer on a test. This question always reminds me of when people asked “which professor should I take?” during grad school. Most of the time, the answer is “the professor I had” if the student enjoyed the class or “not my professor” if it was an oil/water relationship. Rarely did anyone have the benefit of actually having taken classes with all available choices (and for the same class!), which would afford the fullest perspective.

I’ll pay for Stalla. Their lectures are just hands down better. I’ll get the Schweser material from another source and use it to fill in the blanks. For L1 I really only used it during the last review month when I was trying to answer as many questions as possible.

I have used Schweser Premium Pkg for L1. I was very with QBanks, notes, video libraries and lectures. For L2, I watched some of '09 Stalla Video lectures. Stalla Video lectures are much better in overall presentation, navigation between slides, etc. I am still going with Schweser for L2 but might get '10 Stalla Video in future.

Schweser bro, that’s all you need.

pls note that stalla videos are not a standalone package. They are part of the whole deal only.

Stalla Enhanced Package. Schweser practice exams, Secret Sauce, and that handy 3-4 page important notes/equations thing from Schweser. Worked for Level I so I might as well give it a whirl for II.

Thanks all for the feedback!! I hesitated on schw only because on the day before the L1 exam, I took schw’s mock exam and I completely BOMBED ethics, I was like what??? they seem to want to confuse us even more than the CFAI!! On the other hand, other than Peter Olinto, Stalla’s instructors are not that great, and my friends have told me that Peter is not that great for Level 2. Anyone who watched Schw CD - feedback on the instructors? I really like Peter’s no BS style.

I have seen Schweser videos, last year for L2, and Olinto is up above all that’s available on the market (in terms of style) and Hetherington is really good (compared to Schweser). On Stalla for L2 however, Olinto’s part is much smaller (significant, but smaller), yet David Hetherington is very good, much better than it was on L1, and has more lectures than in L1. I don’t really like Ben Jones relaxed style. Did not like it in L1 either. The Enhanced System of Stalla is the way to go, if you decide on Stalla, i really think the Mock exam and the review and explanations to solutions, given by Olinto and Hetherington only, are really worth the money (Ben Jones is not involved in the Mock). I’m curious if Stalla changed the format of the PassMaster. Perhaps I’ll bang another $345 for the updated 2010 materials.

ben jones is terrible. Bob Stalla, however, is the WORST. His company must have fazed him out. Did I mention that he was the worst?!?!?!

Stalla Enhanced System last year and failed Band 9. CFAI and Stalla this year.

I only used the CFAI books for Level 1 and did fine. Do you guys think, or rather, have you heard that Stalla/Schweser are a must-do for Level 2?

From reading other posts it seems like for L2 using CFAI books is the must-do whereas you can get by on L1 with only 3rd parties. Schweser/Stalla may help supplement your studies, but CFAI should be the primary source.

I’m studying using just schweser, as my colleague did last year and passed with no issues. Hope that should be sufficient.

esco, you may very well pass using schweser, but most of us retakers will tell you CFAI texts and end of chapter questions are a must for LII.

THanks so much guys!! This was very helpful! My friends also told me that CFAI text is a must for Level 2. Looks like CFAI text will be the focus, then I guess no need for another set of full notes from schw. Perhaps CFAI text + Qbank + secret sauce + CD should do?? Just went to check schw website, why do they have so many bloody products on TOP of so many packages???

^ I’m contemplating the same thing w/ just qbank and secret sauce and no notes

Primary focus: CFAI text, 2009 Schweser Secret Sauce, 2009 Video CD, 2010 Qbank. Secondary: 2009 Schweser Notes. Studying going really good so far! Will like to add 2009 Schweser Audio if I can buy one at a really discounted price. Fired up and ready to go!

I’m going with the Stalla package for the CD lectures. My undergrad is non-business so it’s very helpful for me to see a summary of the topics. The CDs will supplement CFAI texts. Depending on how wealthy I feel, I may also pony up for the Schweser Q bank to have access to more questions.