Serious Question for the owner here:

First of all, thank you for offering this site. I’ve found a great deal of value in the exam specific areas, and think this site brings together a unique and diverse group of individuals with a ‘common bond’ of these exams and/or needing their resumes touched up. Respectfully, I am asking that you could create another forum or area where the trash and off-topic stuff that I, and I believe many of your customers, enjoy as much if not more than the other areas. The pressures of these exams and trying to move from IT to the front office is immense - and having a group of people who can relate to you on those levels, but also have a great deal of knowledge on other areas, including cars, travel destinations, etc… - really is value adding to this forum from my perspective. I guess in summary, I’m just giving you feedback that I personally would enjoy this forum more if some of these non-finance related topics were allowed to ‘be there in the morning’. I also think that you could benefit from this too, initially through more active members, which hopefully would lead to greater advertising revenues (broader finance related and general companies - even like a doostang or some of those job search firms).

+1 Thanks to all that contributed to the Chicago thread.

I totally agree with this. I have complained before about posts getting ‘nuked’ because they fail some arbitrary quality criteria.

This might partly fall on the sponsors. Do the sponsors appreciate off topic items on the same site as their products? I wish Chad would give us some feedback and we could help if needed to make a separate thread/forum/offtopic area etc

I agree, but isnt half the fun the excitement of reading a nuppal post, and wondering when this is going to be nuked… oh the thrill of it all,680734

We understand that b@nging underage chicks and posting pics of them may not be an appropriate topic, but what’s wrong with traveling or golf? What if I need to travel to Chicago for a job interview next week? Now I missed all the tips. What if numi gets stabbed in Mexico City because he didn’t read the last comment on that topic? Deleting individual posts you consider inappropriate instead of the entire thread could be an option. If moderating AF is too much work, I’m sure some people here would gladly volunteer to help with that.

Part-time Crook Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- If moderating AF is too much work, > I’m sure some people here would gladly volunteer > to help with that. +1 - - they do that on other sites like

I knew Chicago thread was gonna get nuked but didn’t save it. F me! Soo, is Gene and Georgetti good steak restaurant?


philip.platt Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > This might partly fall on the sponsors. Do the > sponsors appreciate off topic items on the same > site as their products? Let’s not be naive. The sponsors are looking to sell their product to a niche market. This site caters to that market. Do you really think that the sponsors would protest advertising on this site, given the limited audience they’re selling to? This is one of the few opportunities they have to reach candidates. The addition of an off-topic forum would probably increase traffic on this site and produce greater results for the sponsors. I really fail to see why an off-topic would be a negative for this site.

Increased number of eye balls == money opportunity ! This is what the social media experts advocate

This site had a very popular off topic forum that was nuked a couple of years ago. I group of regulars from that forum now have their own site. It’s a small group and rather cliquish, but most of the participants, many who have now met offline, “met” each other for the first time on the original off topic forum on this site. I believe the primary reasons given for getting rid of it were bandwidth use and advertiser objections, real or imagined, to some of the material posted.

I miss NUPPAL i THINK we should all strike and not post anymore untill the kids back!

Someone should email Chad with our concerns. or

He doesn’t really care. He knows people will leave, and new people will take their place.

Yeah, a number of contributors have left this place because of the “tacit rules”. As much as many people didn’t like Smirk/Limo, the guy definitely made AF a fun place to visit. People just want to take a break and come over here to write random stuff, Chad. AF is not that important.

My post about how to fight a MTA violation (walking through end doors of a NYC subway) ticket was nuked. Good discussion was going on. Nothing illegal about that – I was asking for suggestions. By the way, I fought that ticket and got a dismissal. Saved $100.

I think I might send Chad a tennis racquet. I know he loves the game.

thommo77 = Chad Fishing for some gifts