Settle the argument

I had this argument with a friend last night.

Who’s more badass? Jason Bourne, John McClane, or James Braddock?

Considering I don’t know who the last two are I say Jason Bourne…

So, a highly trained super spy, a cop, or a old-timey boxer?

All X vs. Y arguments are on hold until we finally settle the bromion vs. Blake boxing match.

No, no, no, you dummy. COLONEL James Braddock.

Stupid question since Braddock was played by Chuck Norris.

yeah. shouldn’t it be: Bourne, Bond, Ivan Drago?

let’s be serious. outside of a boxing ring, Drago would just eat Rocky.


Why wasn’t Jack Bauer included in the list?

Well, we could have included lots of guys. One guy said James Braddock was the most badass, and another guy said John McClane. My vote was for Bourne.

I’d vote for Bourne.

A magician friend of mine practiced Kali for years; it was nice to see Bourne executing it.

Genghis Khan [/thread]

Depends on which Bond…


There’s only one Bond, the rest are just pretenders.

Daniel Craig is the best Bond.

Sean Connerey was so swag.


I never understood the hype about him

I would eat Drago’s wife.