Settle the argument

I had this argument with a friend last night.

Who do you want to have more babies with? Kate Upton, Hannah Ferguson, or Serena Williams?

None of the above. I’ve got enough babies as it is.

But the failed act of making babies…that would be Kate Upton, of the choices listed.

Kate Upton? Serena Williams? Chubby chaser, are you?

Kate Upton definitely has the build to become chubby, but I think it’s a little early to call the most popular supermodel on Earth chubby.

She has the build to become morbidly obese. Only a chubby chaser would defend her current state of chubby.

Personally, I like girls with some substance to them. If you watch “The Other Woman”, you’ll get a chance to see her next to Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, and it’s apparent that she’s thicker than either of them.

alexandra daddario > kate upton. all of the upside (great cans), none of the downside (not in a fatty’s body waiting to bust out).

Alexandra Daddario had some great plot in True Detectives.

Google Alyssa Arce


she has a great arce

not really, lots of see through bras and some nudes (nudes could be fake I haven’t looked that closely)

Kate Upton is my style, but that isn’t even enough to want to have babies.

If you arent thinking dirty dirty thoughts after seeing something like this, then you may be certifiably g@y, not that there’s anything wrong with that (no h0mo).

No n&dity, but some headlight action:

in fairness, if you were standing in front of her you’d have to look at her whole body, which goes considerably downhill from top to bottom.

Basically my wife’s boobs. Boring.

The real question that comes with this is… does the baby come with obscenely expensive child support and/or alimony?

Pics or they dont exist.

You basically already posted a pic, but with an uglier face on it.

I would imagine that all 3 make considerably more than 99.99374% of people here, so the alimony would be going to daddy.