Seven more weeks

Until we can finally start accepting those taco Tuesday invites again. . .

Let’s gooooo!!

im never touching another text book again in my life. So fucking hype right now about this exam

Nobody invites me to taco Tuesday… nor Wild Card Wednesday… nor crock pot Thursday… nor boozy Friday (((

See you at the CPA exam

Yeah, I said the same thing after undergrad. Then again after grad. So as Tactics said, see you at the CPA exams…

No way. I’m not going to become my mother (academically).

No text books, only video lessons.

I’m planning on a ritual bonfire in which I will burn all my notes + books from past 3 years while I down vodka and laugh evily into the night.

See you at the FRM exam!

Cool…today we can say that the exam is next month!

I thought it was over too after the CFA exams (sigh)…

I was sorrowly wrong [FRM L1 Candidate]

I’m also taking the ASE exam too but that’s a different story because I’m probably going to eventually get out of finance in the long-run.

Yep. First it was undergrad.

Then it was the Series 7/66.

Then it was grad school.

Then it was the CPA exam.

Then it was the CFA exam.

Then it was the 7/63 (again).

Then it was PFS.

Then it was the property & casualty exam.

As of now, there are no other tests on the horizon. The only ones that are remotely interesting are CFP and AEP. And I’m not sure if either one is worth pursuing.

Ouch. CFP seems redundant given everything else on your lapel. Why consider it?

No no no no no… I’ll be doing fun sht after CFA. Like the Sommelier exams. May have to find a new spot to study though - dunno how the Denver University rent-a-cop will feel about me drinking Romanée Conti in the library seven nights a week.

(That’s a wine snob joke. . . FYI)

Or worse, spitting it all over the floor.

How else will anyone know how robust the bouquet is?

The CFP may be worth it to you but it’s a long haul. With a CPA the planning equivalent PFS may be easier. I’m not sure though. Just throwing it out there.

Plumbling exam next

$84k/yr ain’t nothing to joke about.

Easiest exam i’ve taken by far