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I tried first mock today It Study Session 2 only basic questions 120 question . solved in 2 hour few times took help of notebook for formulae got score of 83 %

I haven’t done a 120 exam lately, as I am doing 60 q ones right now as I am reviewing all books during April. However, my 60 question, for Study Sessions 1 through 3 that I did was at 80%. Only looked at my formula sheet onces (bayes probability formula)…will be doing another 60 q for Study Sessions 1 through 6 before Saturday, at which time I hope to start my FSA review…

above 80% is very impressive score. Which question bank are you attempting? CFAI/Schweser?

I have been doing 60 Q question tests on each individual section and have been getting in the mid 70’s low 80 on almost everything except for quant and some of econ. To all those who passed level 1, how are these scores? I am NOT refering back to the books. This is off of pure knowledge.

120Q all sections easy-med-hard 2.5 hours 76%

Did my first closed-book exam today 120Q all sections easy-med-hard 2.5 hours 78%

Closed book Topics: All quant, all FSA 51 qs, all hard Score: 70% Folks who are beyond CFA - comments?

100 questions FSA and Quant. Easy, Medium and Hard 77%

120 Questions (All sections CFA-distributed) easy/medium/hard 74% Too many stupid mistakes by forgetting “least likely” or double negatives. This was the first exam i did. Took me just over 2hrs and 10 mins.

I also get stumped by “least likely” or double negatives. Let me know if you have come across a remedy for that but 74% is pretty good S

120q easy, med, hard last night 83%

topther thats a real good score. Good for you I’ll be taking my first real test Next week at some point, I am still reviewing.

Has anyone done the Schweser paper tests in book 6? I got a 63% my first go-round.

beingthatguy, keep in mind that i’m a re-taker. juventurd, from what i hear a good score to be getting is about 75 on those exams. But 63 right now is completely fine. you have 1.5 months to really get everything down.

60 Questions Exam: 65% with easy/med/hard questions. FSA/Corp Finance are dragging me down. All others are satisfactory so far.

Do we get easy, med level question in the actual exam? S

I heard that anything obove a 65% on those tests are good? am I wrong? Aren’t they harder than the actual exam?

well… i was getting about 70 on those exams and ended up being a borderline fail. I definitely thought book 6 was harder than the actual exam, but the same level of detail and understanding is necessary. This is just one person’s result. A lot of people get 60’s on those and pass. I’m sure a good number of people only study for a couple of months and pass as well. It all depends on your personal level of mastery of the material. You somewhat intuitively know if you are in good shape or not.

Topher, if you dont mind me asking, how were you scoring on Qbank tests? I have been doing 60 question tests on each section and scoring in the mid 70’s to low 80’s.

beingthatguy, I think you can score high after reading the study session but the point is of retaining. Are you still able to manage that sore when you do the complete test. S