Share your salary

I am seriously lacking knowledge in terms of what different companies and different positions actually pay, inclusive of salary + bonus. If you want to hear some others’ current situations, please post your own here, thanks :). 22, toronto, 1st yr research associate 65k salary on track for 12k in bonuses

mine’s bigger than your’s

that’s fabulous :slight_smile: but not very helpful for the purpose of the thread thanks for taking the time

your salary sounds fine if that is your concern. 60s base is the norm.

i just want to get a better feel for the range of salaries of different positions e.g. banking analyst, banking associate, research analyst, buy-side research analyst, junior PM, senior PM, trader, sales, etc., including my own, and also in different locations in the world

i mean etiquette says that you’re not supposed to ask in the real world - since this is online and nobody knows who you are, i figure it would help facilitate some disclosure!

49k + 1.5k bonus MO crap Yeah I want to move.

Well we are of the same age, live in the same city and you kick my earnings ass, by a significant amount. That’s what happens when you work in Big 4 though, sigh.

12k sounds low

26, trader at a small hedge fund Base: $65,000 Bonus: Hard to say, will vary based on firm performance. Minimum should be $20,000 and upside is unlimited Stock Options: Get some of these each year (no voting rights, just cash in the event of a liquidating event) Also get my MBA paid for in full

financial accg manager. salary 105k, bonus around 30-40%

Senior Economist Base: 75k Bonus: 0-30% (Just started about eight months out of grad school so I have no idea what it’ll be)

jmh, do you have a phd or just a master? 75K seems low for an economist.

You might consider just looking at the CFAI salary database that has this information…

masters, but I have basically no experience and I’m young, so I’m happy.

I am also in Toronto…my role is in commodity analysis and will have 3 years of experience next week. Base 75, bonus up to 10% depending on performance.

i was hoping to keep this stuff to the board - what would you like to talk about cfa87? ps) feel free to continue posting everyone - thanks to those that have

jmh530 - congrats on finding an economist position in this job market! investment analyst, foundation, mid 60s.

Sexy librarian - 1,200 per day