Shark Tank

who else daydreams of being in those billionaires’ millionaires’ shoes while watching the show? cheeky

Who is your favorite shark or, in other words, who inspires you most? For me, hard to point at one. I wish I could be clever real estate mogul like Barbara, glamorous all-rounder like Lori, heartless investor like Kevin, sporty like Robert and billionare like Mark.

I like Kevin because he shoots straight. Cuban’s cool (but only sometimes).

Could you imagine having Kevin as an owner? Always on your a55 about sales, margins, cash, etc? How would you operate your business with a clown like that commanding so much time to the results?

Lori is worthless.

I’ve met Kevin a few times (after events and stuff, not claiming to be his buddy). He’s actually pretty chilled out and laid back in real life. A really funny guy.

^ I get the impression that the Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank is more of a character (i.e. actor) than the real person. But that charater is god damn annoying to listen to, and at this point very predictable with his assessment of business (what are sales in the last 12 mo?, how much profit based on that sales level? can i try to screw you with an absurd royalty deal??). I’d like to see some fresh blood, with his spot being the primary (only?) change.

damon is the most useless dude on there, he dresses like a clown too

I like Kevin. And he has a specific role on Shark Tank to be the anchor (forget the technical term). So it is his job to move the conversations along, clarify offers, etc. I also think Cuban is hillarious because his capital is so much larger than the rest, he is dealing with pennies when they are dealing in dollars.

Have you guys read any books from them? I am thinking of ordering everyone’s besides daymond. His book didn’t seem well written.

I like Robert the best, and yes, wish I was a shark too.

Call me a softy, but I like Robert the best because he seems the most thoughtful of the group, at least among the men. Although the numbers are important to him, he also seems focused on the people. Cuban can be the same way at times, and I like him too, but he has so much money that it generally seems more of a game to him than anything else. I can respect Mr Wonderful, but think his hard ass persona is a little too over the top. Barbara and Lori are kind of worthless, as are Damon and the infomercial guy.

Robert’s book is really good. Worth a read.

so kevin the deal maker smartest man alive sold his company for 3.7 bil but is only worth 300 mil???

sounds like he made a bad deal or two along the way GTFO

^ He didn’t own it all.

On one of the shows, Kevin talks about he gave 50% of his company away to one man who fixed his distribution problem. And when he cites the 3.7 billion, Robert often asks “but how much did you own?” because it’s easy to focus on just deal size.

Anyone find it funny Robert always has his ar,ms folded? I find the intro funny, it’s Robert in different settings with the same arms folded in different positions. Here is Robert in a plane with arms folded, here is Robert outside of his cars with arms folded. I laugh every time.

this donkey is from montreal. kinda makes me like him

I too wish they would switch it up and have guest sharks more often.

That’s why Kevin is my favorite one. I also like his harda$$, blunt way of saying things.

There is a clear pecking order in the Tank. Cuban is on top and can get away with asking for more equity than the others and still getting the deal. Robert is at the bottom. He usually has to make the best offer to get a deal because at equal value, he isn’t even considered.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Cuban left. He looks utterly bored most of the time and can’t keep himself from rolling his eyes on every second presentation. He’s a lot less patient now than he was when the show first started.

robert had been quite a gentleman most of the time but from season 5 I am noticing he has become a bit aggressive.